Friday Fill-Ins

  1. Old men neighbors never fails to make me smile. My neighborhood has quite a few, and they are delightful. There’s the one who’s always walking his dog as I come home from work, the one who was mowing his lawn yesterday (I swear the lawn mower weighed more than he did), the one who likes to bend over (from the waist) to garden (butt facing the street, of course), and the one who walks around shirtless (he’s not old, but should definitely not be going shirtless, and probably could use a bigger support bra than I will ever require).
  2. I’m looking forward to wedding. Two weeks to go!
  3. The white noise of my [totally not allowed] space heater (that is under my desk) is what I’m listening to right now. It’s been quite cold in the office lately. I don’t think there’s been a single day this week when I haven’t had to run the space heater at least once.
  4. Potato salad must have potatoes in it! I’ve never met a potato salad I liked, so I don’t really have strong opinions on style/ingredients.
  5. Teeccino with 1/2 hazelnut Coffeemate, 1/2 Sweet Italian Cream Coffeemate was the best thing I ate today. It’s early. The only other thing I’ve had is Carnation Instant Breakfast – dark chocolate, which I’m not a huge fan of (but after a year of milk chocolate, I thought I’d give myself a 2-week break of “something different”).
  6. Today was boring. Or, at least, I expect it will be. It’s a Friday. The phones don’t ring much, lots of people are out of the office this week, and my only project involves a database that keeps breaking on me (so I’ve been avoiding it).
  7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to a good night’s sleep (it has not been a good sleep week for me), tomorrow my plans include going to the Richfield Farmer’s Market, checking out garage sales as part of the city-wide garage sale, digging around in the garden, getting some plants in the ground, and hopefully setting up my hammock* and Sunday, I want to finish a project (pick one, any one)!

Via Friday Fill-Ins

*I really wanted to get my hammock up this week, so I decided I had to get the dining room table cleared (of the Christmas decorations that were still hanging out there waiting to go into storage – yes, I’m aware that it’s mid-May) and get all the plants from ‘s grandma into the ground. Those have both been done since Tuesday, but I have not yet set up the hammock. I wasn’t feeling it on Wednesday, and last night we took the time to measure and chart out the garden area (with graph paper and a tape measure), and that was the extent of my gardening. It should get up this weekend though. It needs to be up before next Thursday, when I have more reading homework to do.