I suppose you’re expecting some content

…but I’m sorry to report that life is kind of boring at the moment. The summer semester started last week and my class seems like it will be good (and will allow me to have some fun this summer too, since it doesn’t seem to be too intense). Saturday, we helped move most of  ‘s fiance’s stuff to her house. I may have been a bit bossy, but someone needed to make sure everything fit into the truck, and then make sure it got out of the truck at the other end and into the house. If you ever need help moving, and I don’t mind, but we have one word of advice: stickers. (The men who were helping would have said “beer,” but that’s not always the most helpful thing.)

Sunday was spent doing yard work. Early in the day (OK, 10:30) I attempted to get a bunch of things planted, but ran into some problems. One, it was hot, and I was having a hard time staying motivated, outside all alone (somehow, yard work in the heat is much more bearable when others are suffering with you). And, two, I couldn’t actually plant any of the edibles, because it was clear our soil needed some additives before going any further.

I did get about half of the non-edibles planted (free from ‘s grandma this year) before I ran out of places to put them and called it quits. After lunch, we worked together to  get the yard in better shape. He went ahead of me with the Weed Hound (seriously, if you have dandelion issues, you need one of these, because they work very well), pulling up all the dandelions he could find. I followed with the lawn mower, which took significantly less time, so I took several breaks to do some weeding of my own (in the gardens). Halfway through the big stretch of front lawn, I offered to take over, and brought out the edge trimmer and cleaned things up a bit (since we used it… once last year, things were looking a bit scraggly). He finished up the front, and then I finished up the mowing, and then our lawn again looked presentable. For about 12 hours. Our oak trees laugh at us, I think, and try to come up with ways to mar the work we’ve done. Monday morning there were quite a few branches down in the yard – not dead branches per se, but ones with big green leaves on them. See? They’re laughing.

I also started on summer homework. Right now we’re reading a memoir on Hmong immigration, and it’s quite good, but it is taking me a really long time to read (much longer than I expected, anyway, considering it’s written in fairly simple English and is in a narrative format). I hope to be done by Friday.

I had hoped to do so much more with my weekend, like finish up my night stand, but alas, it was not meant to be. did get a new cable run for our new television antenna (which is so much more serious than our old one – it’s mounted from the ceiling in the garage!), which has been wonderful – no more skippy, jumpy recordings! The new antenna means that my office is no longer reception central, and my folding table can actually be folded up against the wall. That is, if I clean off the top of it and all the boxes under it. Ha! Let’s all laugh about that together for a moment. I don’t have a picture to show you, but it’s definitely a humorous thought.

We also installed a new light fixture in my office – it’s the old one from ‘s office, and a huge improvement. It is the same light fixture that is all over the house, so it’s nothing special, but at least both light bulbs work (the old one would burn out one of the bulbs after about 15 minutes of use, so I’d been working with one 60-watter for the past year). Let there be light!

There was also some cleaning in an attempt to curtail the ant situation, but in the end, what was most effective was the poison. I haven’t seen a live ant in days – just dead bodies here and there. (Gross, I know, but true.)

I have made a bit of jewelry, but no pictures. And I “fixed/improved” the couch yesterday (got rid of one of the sets of cushions, which makes it a much more normal couch – an easy fix since we’re not buying a new couch any time soon). I’m hoping to find two end tables for the couch – I keep watching Craigslist, and the city-wide garage sale is this Thursday through Saturday, so maybe something will show up. I’d really like to get rid of the coffee table, but we can’t be completely table-less (that’s just a recipe for mess).

Pretty boring stuff, I know. “It’s boring, but it’s part of my life.” (Anchorman)