~At Last…~

It has been rainy and grey (and cold!) all week here in Minnesota. We’re actually happy about that, seeing as how last weekend we put down a ton of grass seed and need the water badly. (No sprouts yet, but it’s still very early.) However, today the sun has come out, no more rain is predicted, and it’s actually supposed to get up to 80° by next Thursday (as opposed to 50s and lower this week).

This is good news for Saturday, as we are helping out with a move, and it is NOT fun moving in the rain. I would know. I moved into my apartment in Michigan in pouring rain. It was so bad that we had two people outside (with the truck backed up as close as we could get it to the patio door without getting into trouble) and two inside, so that we wouldn’t track muddy water all over the carpeting. Yech. I don’t have pictures to share with you, because that was long before digital cameras became a part of my life (it was, after all, June 2000).

photo 3
I actually took this last Sunday while Prince Charming was mowing, but I could have easily snapped it this morning on my way to work. It's one of our white oaks (the one in the driveway*), and it's looking quite healthy and strong in this picture (it is, technically, but it has a ton of dead branches that need to be cut off).

Last night we went out to dinner for ‘s birthday (Ruby Tuesday, quite tasty, and I look forward to going back and having the lobster mac & cheese – doesn’t that sound fabulous, especially with a steak and mashed potatoes?), and when we came home, after hooking up our new antenna, we relaxed in front of the television for the rest of the night. That was nice. was especially happy, as she got cuddly lap time (, on the other hand, was feeling grumpy and didn’t partake in any lap). At one point looked over and saw her like this, and took a picture for me.

I think she probably looked cuter before I moved slightly to grab my iPhone, but you get the idea. just the one little paw next to her face. Perhaps she's blocking her view of the television.

*Yes, there is a tree in our driveway. Originally our house had a one car garage, and there was a tree right next to the driveway (barely inches away). When it was expanded to a two-car garage, only part of the driveway was expanded to accommodate two cars (the part by the garage, logically), and the bottom portion (with the tree) was left alone. So the driveway is a single car width from the street to the tree, and then it expands to double. Maybe I should just show you a picture.