Last jewelry post for the week

I promise. Tonight the summer semester starts and I have class until 9:30 (we will likely get out earlier, it being the first day and all), and tomorrow is someone’s birthday and I should probably pay attention to him instead of tiny little beads.

But, I did take some more pictures last night to share with you. It was much darker outside, so these were taken without flash and with very little natural light, but they still turned out great. I didn’t have to edit them at all! These were all finished on Monday night (no beading last night, but other crafting that will be revealed shortly).

Picnik collage
The last set for one of the daughters. I love the dangly earrings! (OK, it's not exactly the last set - I'm still waiting to do mine. But it's the last set to give away!)

Picnik collage
Here's what I came up with for Alison, based on her love of these blue squares. It was hard to figure out what to pair up with the blue - she originally said red, but then we thought that was too patriotic. I think the purple is a nice compliment, and it's fairly dark, so while not neutral, it doesn't take away from the blue (I hope). I only had three of these blue squares, so the necklace could only have one, but I think it turned out OK in the end. (After all, isn't a set better than just a necklace? I think so.)

These little guys gave me so much grief! I do not like working with gold (thankfully, I have very little of it in my supplies), but I wanted to do something with these umbrellas. I was going to call the "springtime in Paris," but then I remembered that Audrey Hepburn's character in Sabrina tells Humphrey Bogart, "never a briefcase in Paris and never an umbrella." So... "April showers" will have to suffice.

I had to run out to JoAnn last night and while I was there managed to get some basics so I can make pieces in the antiqued gold and silver instead of just the bright ones. I have several charms and accents that are not in the shiny gold or silver that I can’t really use. Maybe there will be more variety next week. However, I find it difficult to work with the gold for a number of reasons. 1) I don’t like to wear gold. It makes me itch*, and I personally don’t care for yellow gold. 2) It is much softer than the silver. You think that would make it easier to work with, but it doesn’t. Sure, it bends out of shape easier (opening the jump rings), but doesn’t bend back as nicely (i.e. misshapen jump rings).

So, there you have it.

* My engagement ring and wedding band are platinum. That’s just how the engagement one happened to come; I was expecting white gold. It wasn’t until a few months after our wedding that I realized that gold makes me itchy, and then I was glad that my rings didn’t have that effect. Of course, for our first year and a half of marriage, just about everything made me itchy, until we figured out the culprits and eliminated most of them (soap, laundry detergent, fragrance, the color blue, I could go on).