Not that this is surprising, but I thought I’d share my grades that were recently posted. While I was fairly certain that I had earned straight As, the ELL grade was a bit sketchy since we’d received very little feedback and handed almost nothing in until the last day of class. Info Tech was a cakewalk, and Literacy was challenging (but rewarding).

Not too shabby! I’m especially pleased to see that there’s no graduate-undergraduate combination, so my graduate GPA is not affected by that silly A- from a while back.

I thought I should get this posted before the Summer Semester starts (which would be tomorrow for me). This semester will be my Social Studies Capstone, which is a graduate level course, and will be my last social studies course (only education courses after this). I’ve had the professor before and liked him, and am fairly confident that I will do well. Unfortunately, it runs all the way through mid-August, which is a total drag, but it is what it is.

I’ve got a more exciting post in the works for later today, complete with pictures (just in case this post completely bored you).

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  1. I had a feeling that A- that wrecked your perfect 4.0 would make you bonkers!
    You’re still on the dean’s list though!

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