Busy Hands

A few weekends ago (two? three? I forget) I went over to ‘s house and “we” made up jewelry for all the daughters ( has two, her fiance has four – that’s a lot of daughters) for the upcoming wedding. We had an inspiration picture (that I probably snagged off of Etsy several years ago) and used it as a starting point. It took a lot more time than we had initially thought, including a trip to JoAnn (because even though I have an ample stash of beads and supplies, I didn’t have anything that would work for what we were doing bead-wise). In the end, we ran out of time, and I brought home the mostly-finished jewelry.

Last week, I finished the unfinished (added clasps to the necklaces, fixed a design flaw in one of the earring sets), and took apart one of the sets (which is not pictured here because it was still in-progress when I took these pictures) due to a color-change.

We started with the pendant, which is the same for each girl, as is the chain, and the idea of three beads to the right of the pendant (in photos it’s on the left). We asked each girl (OK, did the asking) for a color and/or shape choice. Here’s the end result of our labors:

Picnik collage
Blue for one daughter. (I do not know why these pictures turned out so blurry! This set is much cuter than the blurriness shows, but they are out of my hands now so this will have to do.)

Picnik collage
Red for another.

Picnik collage
Aqua for the teenage daughter (with appropriately dangly earrings, which is what I would have wanted at 15).

jewelry set 1
Black for Alison

The color-change set is pink (it was purple), and I’ll show that to you later this week. I just finished it last night.

You might have noticed that a set for me is missing. I knew I wanted a specific color/shape, and couldn’t find it at the store, so I ordered it. The beads I ordered (several different options, since I was doing it online) have mostly arrived, and none of them are right, so I ordered some more last night. Good thing I happen to really, really like the color (turquoise), since I now have lots of turquoise beads. (Hopefully I got it right last night. If not, I’m going to have to go with plan B, which is picking a different color that is not the same as the wrap I was hoping to wear. I’d link to it, but the color isn’t available online, so what’s the point.)

While was looking at my beads, she noticed some green ones that perfectly matched an outfit she’s planning on wearing to another wedding this summer. We played around with the beads until we had a layout we liked for a necklace, and then, after taking a picture for reference later, I packed it up to work on later. I made that up, along with matching earrings, after finishing the above sets.

moms jewelery
I think the picture of the necklace looks funny, like a face. I don't think it looks like that in person.

And, while I had my beads out, I thought I’d make up some things for myself. Earrings, specifically, because I don’t really wear necklaces that much, but I love fun earrings.

Picnik collage
Red, yellow, lavender. (You'll have to trust me that there are two red earrings - the photo didn't work with this particular collage arrangement. The lavender ones are pretty long, which is why you can't see the ear wire in the picture.)

I wore the lavender ones yesterday, and am wearing the yellow ones today. I’m debating making up a second set of each and adding them to my currently-empty Etsy store. Thoughts? Though all this playing with beads has increased my supply, I am trying to use up as much as I can, and making more than one of a thing seems to be a good way to do that. Otherwise, I have to come up with something to do with the other 18 red flowers, 15 yellow flowers, and 10 lavender flowers. If I already have a design done, that really eliminates a lot of time (the design process is never fast, and often involves asking for opinions, which he gladly gives – he has a pretty good eye most of the time).

Another earring/necklace set was made on Sunday night, for . When she saw ‘s set, she said she liked them and asked for something similar. I’ll have to take pictures tonight so I can share. Last night I whipped up a few more things. Beading is one of those hobbies that, at least for me, is kind of fad-ish. I’ll concentrate on it for several weeks, and then burn myself out, put everything away, and come back to it in a year (sometimes more). Conveniently, all the supplies have an indefinite lifespan, and work universally with anything new I might buy, so it is a hobby that works well for that.

So, here’s the question. As of this moment, there are 442,022 earrings posted on Etsy. Is it really worth it to add to all that? I have other stuff I need to post to my Etsy store (the remaining cow creamers, some fabric I need to destash, some books to destash, etc), and it’s basically set up, so there wouldn’t be tons of extra work. I would need to find a better way to photograph said jewelry though (I really thought that on the plain black backdrop, with natural light, would be a good way to go, and it did not – a large majority of the pictures were blurry, and the black meant I couldn’t mess with the exposure too much). Or, should I play around for a few more weeks and then put everything away again, making only things for myself and family/friends?

I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

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  1. If you make those earrings with surgical steel hooks I will buy them from your currently empty etsy store. Although I guess we wouldn’t have to do it online, it could be an in-person transaction. Earrings for Tampopo?

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