Favorite Pictures [Friday]

Some very random, but fun, pictures from San Francisco.

Prince Charming liked the hot dog sign. I like that the espresso sign is more prominent.
Seen in Chinatown… just driving down the street. Perhaps it was some kind of official procession, like a wedding or something, but there was no indication of such. The driver seemed quite happy to see us snagging this picture.
See that cute red car? There were similar ones (the one I saw was a convertible) that were self-driven audio tours of the area. The car was speaking to them about the street and giving them directions. It was pretty cool!

[Here’s a link to the tour car that I saw] [link removed]

This caught Prince Charming’s eye on his way down the hill from Lombard Street.
My zoomed-in shot of the Oakland Bridge.

Next time, I’ll remember to take a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge in the morning, since one would likely be facing west to take it. We were at the wharf around dinnertime, so the sun was setting, and so there are no good pictures of that bridge. But the Oakland one is to the east of the wharf, and pictures turned out pretty good. So many things to think about!

That just about wraps up photos from our trip!