It just kept getting better

According to my sources (), Santa Clara was having some beautiful weather last Sunday and Monday while he was there. However, rain was predicted to arrive just about when I would get there. It did rain a bit on Tuesday and Wednesday, but not really much to complain about (though AfroGirl did make an appearance on Wednesday in Mountain View).

We stayed at the Hyatt Regency in Santa Clara, which is connected to the Santa Clara Convention Center and the awesomely-named Techmart building. We had a 7th floor room with a balcony. The balcony meant our room was smaller than most (the space for the balcony being carved out of the room), but the view was wonderful. We took daily photos from the balcony just to keep track of how beautiful it was. Here’s the record for you:

Daily Hotel View
That's rain on Wednesday, then clearing up but cool on Thursday, and absolutely gorgeous on Friday and Saturday when we went to San Francisco.

We could not have gotten better weather, really. I heard it rained back home while we were gone. That’s OK – our lawn needed it (and now it needs to be mowed).

Just a few more pictures for you today (but many more the rest of this week).

The best picture of the mountains I got. I kept staring at them and thinking they looked like those paintings - it was awesome and a bit unreal.

Closeup of the mountains for you. Snow-free mountains, unlike most of what we flew over to get here.