Four for Friday

It’s been a while since I’ve done this one…

  1. Parents: What’s the most important thing you learned from your parents that you hope to pass along to your children or young people you mentor? You, too, can be a grown-up. There is a time to stand on your own two feet, and when that time comes, you will be capable. When I think about what my parents did differently from other people’s, what stands out is that we were expected to grow up and be on our own, self-sufficient. They weren’t shoving us out the door on our 18th birthdays, but there weren’t plans of moving back home after college, either. I really appreciate that, since many parents seem to coddle their kids and never prepare them for adulthood (like not teaching them how to do laundry).
  2. Traffic: Have you ever diverted your route because of something you heard on a radio or television traffic report? No, I haven’t. But I don’t drive that much, and my commute is only three miles of highway in the morning, and local roads only at night.
  3. Groceries: Do you make a grocery shopping list as you run out of items or notice you’re running low, or do you make a list right before leaving to go to the grocery store? We keep a list on the fridge (just like we did growing up) of the week’s menu, and there’s a big spot for a shopping list. Of course, this is only for groceries. When it’s time for a Target run, I usually make the list right before leaving the house, often just in my mind, and then totally fail to get what I need. The grocery shopping system is clearly much more efficient.
  4. Dinner: What did you have for dinner last night and was it fulfilling? If not fulfilling did it at least hold some nutritional value? made Lloyd’s pulled pork, so I had that on a bun, and then a lovely iceberg lettuce salad with some Hidden Valley Ranch dressing. I was pretty much starving when I got home, and could definitely have eaten more, but I restrained myself. I ate some chocolate later when I got hungry (so I guess it wasn’t all that fulfilling).

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