This week, I’m thankful…

… that the server is up! Last week it was down all day Thursday. We have taken sufficient measures to ensure that this happens… less. My blog is hardly important, but the two other websites that live on the server are, you know, real stuff.

… for Administrative Professional’s Day (today)! It’s always nice to be appreciated (and given chocolate).

… that my literacy class is over, though it was my most enjoyable class this semester. Though grades aren’t in, I think it’s sufficient to say that I scored an A in the class. (No getting marked down for lack of class participation, though that’s hardly possible with the small size of my education classes.)

… our California trip, which I am finally able to feel excited about. I think it was all that homework hanging over my head that was preventing my glee.  This trip will require me to step outside my comfort zone a bit, and will require some bravery (as well as shoving aside any feelings of social anxiety), but should be wonderful regardless.

… the time spent going through the boxes of clothes I had in storage. Winter clothes are put away, summer clothes are back in the closet/dressers, and three bags are full for Goodwill. It feels good.

… for the rave reviews of the lemon and lime bars I made for class/work. Also, I’m thankful that most of them were eaten by someone other than myself.

… for the kids at Homework Hub. They are awesome, full of energy and intelligence. They are also kind and grateful, and curious. I had a great time last night giving a 6th grader advice on jumping hurdles (like in track) and giving public speeches (the advice for both is the same: it’s all a head game, so fake it until you make it, as a professor of mine used to say).

… for the Meyer lemons a co-worker just brought me from his tree down in Arizona. I’m so excited to use them and make more lemon bars! (I’ve never used Meyer lemons, but I’ve heard they’re awesome, and I know they’ll be tons better than the crappy not-Super Target ones I bought last week.)

… for the question, “Do I have homework to do?” The answer isn’t always “yes” anymore. At least, not for the next two or three weeks.

… that I finished ‘s pajama pants, and we’re getting together on Sunday for brunch and a freezer paper stenciling session.

… for the dark chocolate Hershey’s kisses in the gift from my boss, which are not as tempting (because I’m not a fan of dark chocolate) and so I’m not eating nearly as many as I would otherwise.

… for good health, good weather, good friends, and a good life (regardless of all my complaining, I really do have it good – that’s what Thankful Thursdays is about, reminding myself of all the ways I have been blessed).

What are you thankful for? List please, in the comments!

2 Replies to “Thankful”

  1. I’m thankful for my daughter Kelly who is so generous, gracious, encouraging, and helpful with my wedding plans. She has a full life yet can join in my happiness, too. God is good.

  2. Alright, let’s add to my list: other people saying wonderful things about me. That’s the third time today!

    Or, perhaps, were you just buttering me up for your later email? 🙂 Just kidding.

    Wedding plans are so much more fun when they’re not your own.

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