The Rhubarb

… is back, growing with a vengeance. Even the second plant that we tried to kill. The stalks are still green right now, but soon they will be ripe. So, if you like rhubarb, get your recipes ready, and then come on over and take what you need. No one in this house eats rhubarb.

Sidenote: anyone know how to kill rhubarb? Seriously, the second plant is in the lawn. It needs to be gone.

In other news, I went through two boxes of clothes last night that had been stored in the basement, and managed to fill two grocery bags for Goodwill. And, I got a huge pile of summer clothes that I had completely forgotten about. Just a small pile of “these don’t fit.” Tonight, I will sort through the dressers and pull out the winter stuff for storage. And maybe, just maybe, the dining room table that is covered with Christmas/winter decorations will be cleared before the weekend.