Bookmarks for today: Lemons!

Next Tuesday is the final night of my literacy class, and so we are having a party. I volunteered to bring lemon bars, because sometimes I like to make things other than cookies. However, this has me searching for a lemon bar recipe that is … similar to those they used to serve at Starbucks (they may still, but I don’t frequent Starbucks anymore, so I don’t know). Searching through all the recipes I have bookmarked (to share with you all, of course), here are the lemon-y ones I found.

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2 comments to Bookmarks for today: Lemons!

  • Karen Johnson

    What? You don’t go to Starbuck’s anymore? You have gift card!

  • Don’t worry, I still have my gift card. Starbucks isn’t as much fun without caffeine, and their decaf stuff still gets me hyped up. But one of these days I’ll go get a hot cocoa or pastry or something. No worries.

    Caribou won me back when they switched chocolates this past fall. Their new chocolate (for mochas and hot cocoa) is not only tastier (their old stuff was rubbish), but it’s all caffeine-free, so I can get a decaf mocha that’s actually decaf.

    Every once in a while I get Starbucks (Amanda likes to bring it over), but it’s always decaf. So sad. Maybe someday I’ll consume caffeine again.