Plans are made to be changed, right?

Here’s how I wanted to spend Saturday morning: going to a free seminar on lawn care (at Bachmans, not Gertens as I previously stated), then coming home and writing up papers and getting all of my homework done before dashing off to get my hair colored at 2:45, followed by dinner out with and then watching TV until bedtime.

Well, some of those things happened. We woke up late but made it to Bachmans anyway, only to learn that I had the date wrong on my calendar and the seminar is actually next weekend. Bummer. Before we left the house, the neighbor had come over and told us they were going to cut our power for “an hour or two” because they were out there cutting down a tree that was interfering with the power box (or something like that – the power company was here to deal with it). That was no big deal because we were going to be gone for a few hours (the seminar was 10-11:30). But, then we were at home, at 10:30, with no power.

Do you know what you can do with no power? Not much. Can’t do homework (laptop battery will only last so long). Can’t sew. Can kind of clean, but the vacuuming was what really needed to be done, and that was not possible. Can’t watch TV. Can’t even iron. I ended up spending some time cutting threads off of fabric (so that I could iron it later) – so exciting, I know, and then going to the MOA. My trip to the MOA was exhausting and completely unproductive. The bead store had nothing acceptable for jewelry for ‘s wedding. DSW did not have any shoes that I thought were perfect to go with my little black dress (also for ‘s wedding), even though I looked through the whole store 3 times.*

I rewarded myself with a minibon that I bought with a gift card leftover from Christmas 2008 (they tried to upsell me twice to the regular size, which I did not appreciate, nor did I think it was as cute as they did). When I got home (now after 1 pm), we still had no power. I found some rice cakes for lunch. I played some piano, and generally wandered around the house frustrated that we had no power. I might have been whiny. The power came on at about 2:20, and I left at 2:30 to go get my hair done, which took two hours and got me home at 5. was going out for a run as I got back, so we finally made it to the Dancing Ganesha by 7. The food was delightful, and definitely a highlight of the day. We had a gift card from that we used, and it worked out wonderfully. I highly recommend going there if you’re in the mood for good Indian food. I had the Tandoori Chicken (a favorite of mine) and garlic naan (they weren’t joking around with the garlic, and it was fabulous), and had the Chicken Tiki Masala. I was worried our bill wasn’t enough (it had to be at least $35 to use the $25 certificate), so I ordered the Chocomosa for desert (described as “chocolate and nut filled Samosas, served with mint ice cream,” though I would have sworn it was vanilla ice cream – the Samosas were warm and the filling gooey and wonderful), and it was divine. Some odd flavors wandering around in there (I think it was the “nuts” that were really a paste or so finely ground that I didn’t notice them), but fabulous nonetheless.

So, in the end, I got no homework done on Saturday at all, which meant I had to spend Sunday doing homework, which was a bummer. I did finish one paper, finished up research for the bilingualism paper, organized notes for both classes, and have the strategy log wrapped up. So the lesson plan and research paper are all that’s left, and it all needs to be done before we go to California in two weeks (because I am absolutely not bringing homework on that trip).

But, lest I sound too whiny, the weekend really was pretty good. I had a great massage Friday night, my hair is now many colors of red, the house is clean, I had good food (and leftovers for lunch today!), and got enough homework done to not feel stressed.

*Actually, there was one pair that I liked, but was a different style than I’d worn before, and I just couldn’t be sure that it would be OK. No one was with me to run this by, so I left them there. Now I’m re-thinking this decision, and can’t find the shoes anywhere online to send pictures to people and ask for their opinions (their website does not have nearly as much inventory as the store does, since only two Anne Klein brand shoes come up in a search, but I tried on more than two pairs of that brand alone). I might have to go back and take a picture of my foot in the shoe.

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  1. You can always call me when you have no power! BTW, Amanda’s response to finding out about the new Chipotle: “Liz, you’ll weight 400lbs”. Such a good friend…

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