Not bad

Last night, I re-acquainted myself with our gym. It had been… just over a year since I’d last been, which meant the last time I had been, our closest Snap was different than it is now. This one had totally different machines – I mean, a completely different brand. It had me all confused, as if going to the gym to use the weight machines isn’t awkward enough.

But, you see, I had this revelation a few weeks back that if I wanted my arms to not be flabby, I might actually have to do something with them beyond the daily typing and carrying of purse. (Sadly, those activities are not known to tone and sculpt muscles.) Since the semester is finally winding down, and I will only have one class this summer (only, ha!), I think I might have time now to work out again. is a big help, as he is willing to go with me.

Surprisingly, I was not all that sore this morning. I tried to take it easy on the weights, since I was so out of practice and I didn’t want to be in pain later. I think I may have overtaxed my elbows, but that’s not hard, and nothing that an ice pack can’t fix.

I’ve wrapped up research on my bilingualism paper, which means I need to organize my notes into an outline, and then I can write it up. It’s only 3-4 pages, so most of the research I did will go unused. I mean, 3-4 pages is enough to introduce the subject, say two things about it, and wrap it all up. While I may not be able to wrap my head around the theoretical, philosophical aspects of language (language is symbolism, metacognition, etc), I do now understand the issues surrounding my topic, bilingualism in the deaf community. Granted, I had a decent understanding of this before due to my job, but now I know a lot more.

Also for school, I have one more strategy to find and write up (24 are done), and my lesson plans for my ELL class are drafted but I feel they are lacking. My classmates think I have done too much, however, so I’m leaving them alone for the moment. I have no more reading left, which seems strange. The lesson plans for my literacy class were turned in on Tuesday.

For those of you keeping track, there are already 16 books on my list of 2010 Books Read (see Facebook Visual Bookshelf for the complete list).

There are a bazillion things I’d rather do, but a large portion of the weekend should be spent doing homework. I want to be done (with the semester) – finishing up now will help with that whole “just a weekend between semesters” thing that is killing me. It’s particularly rough to transition from semester to semester like that, since at the end of the semester I want nothing more to do with school, textbooks, classes, goals, assignments, etc., yet the beginning of the semester is full of those things (and staying on top of the homework through proper planning and follow-through is crucial).

That’s life though, right?

At the very least, this weekend includes a trip to Sam’s Club, cheesy tuna helper, a massage, a lawn seminar at Bachman’s, a hair appointment, and going out to dinner. And that only gets us through Saturday. 🙂