… for ditching winter coats in favor of spring jackets.

… for the bowl of pretzels on my desk.

… that tomorrow is Friday.

… that I don’t have to make dinner every night.

… for frosting and cupcakes and ham balls and Easter gatherings with family.

… that the end of the semester is drawing near, and after this weekend I hope to have very little homework left. Then I can re-connect with the world.

… that the Lego Millennium Falcon is being assembled at ‘s work (and not at our house).

… for accurate GPS on my iPhone that makes getting lost (or being forced to take a detour) far less stressful.

… for days when I am reminded that I actually do possess patience (it just doesn’t always feel like it).

… for our upcoming trip to the San Francisco / San Jose / Santa Clara area at the end of April. I am excited to see the sun and the ocean and revisit 11-year-old memories (and make new ones, of course).

… that is still in possession of his hand (complete with all five fingers) after Tuesday night’s miter saw incident. Just scratches and bruises, and the death of the miter saw. Thank you to safety glasses, safety guards, and guardian angels!

… for a weekend weather report that suggests some time spent on the yard or in the garden isn’t entirely out of the question, though time may be better spent on indoor projects.

… for daily reminders that life is good.