We had two Easter dinners this year, a first for us. Maybe next year we’ll try for three and host a brunch. 🙂

We had lunch with some of ‘s family, and then had dinner with mine (with a quick stop at Lowe’s in between). took some pictures, which are loaded into Flickr. If you want to see the whole set (particularly the un-processed ones), go here [link removed]. I had some fun in Picnik today, though I have to admit I did not do as much editing as I would have on the original ones, since all the pictures of with frosting everywhere were grossing me out. Clearly I’m not jumping on the parenting bandwagon any time soon. I supplied the frosting, so it was partly my fault, but for the record, I never told he could have a cupcake, or even suggested it, or even let him know they existed. I’ll let the pictures tell the story.

IMG_5754 posterize
Soon after we arrived, a pillow fight broke out.
Grant particularly enjoyed himself.
IMG_5755 focal soften ortonish
See the twinkle in his eyes?
Mom set a pretty table. You can see my new Easter dress (I made it!) in the background there. I’ll have to take a better picture after it’s washed.
IMG_5768 cross process infrared vignette
After dinner, we played some dominoes. Chickenfoot, to be exact.
And I provided dessert. I can’t take credit for this cute idea, but I can tell you that you shouldn’t let these sit in the car for a few hours, because the ears will all melt. At least a few stayed cute long enough for a picture.
IMG_5766 cross process fancy focus matte
Grant consumed ALL of the frosting first. This involved smearing it all over his hands and face, and then eventually he started in on the table, at which point wash cloths were employed.
IMG_5764 boost-vignette
I think he did end up eating the cupcake itself, but he was pretty wound up. I haven’t heard yet if he went to bed as usual that night, but I’m guessing his parents had a rough time with him.

The usual cast of characters was there, but no photos worth sharing. spent more time enjoying himself (lots of laughter surrounded the cupcakes and dominoes) than taking pictures, which is how it should be.

Like I said, if you want the “normal” versions, just go to Flickr.