The work day is ending. The week is ending. March has already ended, as has winter (*fingers crossed*).

But, that means that:

I get to go home. It’s the weekend. It’s now April, and it’s Spring!

Most ending-beginning pairs are pretty mundane, though we’ve all experienced the ones that completely up-end one’s life. That’s when we think about beginnings and endings, but the mundane, everyday stuff, it’s there too.

I’m not alluding to anything. It’s just what I was thinking about this afternoon.

There’s nothing else to share with you. Life has been going as it usually does – homework, work, sleep, clean, etc. Nothing worth reporting on, though it must be said that I’ve sat down to watch TV (on the couch, not while multitasking and ironing or something) for only a handful of hours in the past week. I have managed to watch TV (Netflix Watch Instantly or DVDs) in my office while doing homework, ironing, or cleaning, or in the kitchen in the midst of meal prep/eating. What I was trying to say, in my very roundabout, never put things simply, use as many words as possible way, was that though life has been … uneventful, perhaps, it has not been truly boring, and it has not been filled with vast quantities of free time (oh how I wish).

Now that I’m thinking about it, I can’t remember the last time I said to myself, in that whiny, complaining voice you can only really use with yourself without getting a look, I’m bored! (Work excluded, because sometimes, that’s just how it is. There is no way to make certain tasks un-boring.) What about you? Do you frequently experience boredom? If so, what do you do? Adult boredom is certainly different than childhood boredom, where said complaint was lodged with the nearest adult in hopes that entertainment would be provided.