How about something cheery, to match the beautiful weather we’re having? I managed to iron a dress and skirt last night (because there’s no way I’ll ever have time to iron something before work in the morning), and am wearing a sundress today! OK, I have a sweater on over it, but still. It’s that beautiful (or so I hear – I’m stuck inside for another three hours, but then I plan on enjoying it).

and were in town this weekend, so and I spent a good chunk of Saturday with them, along with and and the boys. I don’t have very many photos, but do have a few to share with you.

Wasn't it nice of Joey to share his birthday present with Grant? There were some difficulties convincing Grant that the toys didn't actually belong to him, as is appropriate for a 3 year old. Bubbles in a travel case, some squishy balls, and rubber stacking blocks that are completely washable - what more can a one year old want?

On "kids and pets" mode, it's possible to get a non-blurry photo of the boys - I still had to toss about half of them because of blurriness, but this one turned out well.

That’s it for Wednesday! I feel like I have lots of time today, since there is no Homework Hub tonight (it’s Spring Break for Minneapolis). I’ll get home two hours early! Whatever will I do with myself?