How is it the end of March already?

How did that happen? I’m glad, though, because it means there are only 5 weeks of the semester left (only 3 weeks left of my Tuesday night class, after tonight)! Just in time for the summer semester to start (I need to have a talk with whoever it is at Metro that thinks a weekend between Spring and Summer semesters is sufficient, because it totally leads to burnout). I have one class this summer, my Social Studies Capstone, but so far there are only three of us signed up, so who knows if it will actually happen. I promise I won’t complain if I have to take the summer off. 🙂

I have a goal for this coming weekend. I want to finally finish my nightstand [link removed]. This requires finally settling on a white paint color. Why, oh why, are there so many colors of white? Maybe I should clarify that by finish, I actually mean paint. I plan on putting some paper on the front of the drawer (and maybe the top, too – it’s a bit beat up), and I haven’t picked that out yet. And I don’t have drawer pulls. Paper requires a trip to Paper Source (a short drive now that we live in a Minneapolis suburb), and drawer pulls mean a trip to Menards (their selection is so much bigger than Home Depot’s! oh, how I wish it weren’t!).

It’s good to have a goal, right? My lesson plans are coming along nicely, so I don’t need to spend much time on that project. My strategy log is nearly done (just 6 more left, I think, out of 25). I have a paper on bilingualism that I need to research, outline, and write, but it’s only a 4 page paper, so I think I’ll be OK once I figure out what it is I’m writing about. There’s a teacher interview to schedule, but my district is on Spring Break this week, so I’ll reserve that for next week. There will need to be some baking or cooking on Saturday or Sunday (to bring to Easter dinner), but that’s hardly a big deal. The house is basically clean, no need to dedicate much time to that. That leaves me plenty of time, right?

Question – since I plan on putting paper on the drawer front on my nightstand, and also on the top drawer front on my two dressers (partially to hide the carved design that I’m filling in), and those pieces will all live in the same room, and I plan on having the hardware (pulls) match, should the paper match too, or just coordinate? If it helps, here are some of my ideas for paper: Empress, Flora & Fauna, Birdies, Lokta Lotus, and Kraft White Flourish [links removed] (it all depends on whether or not I can find a blue that matches the curtains, or if I need to stick to brown and white).

Oh, and for further help, here are some examples of what I’m thinking of (though some are much busier than I want): desk [link removed] (infarrantly creative), nightstand [link removed] (modpodgerocks), chest [link removed] (thecozygreencoccoon), dresser [link removed] (odilafreire), dresser [link removed] (odilafreire), dresser [link removed] (thewaythingsgo), mini dresser [link removed] (~Gaile), and nightstand [link removed] (poyzindrink).

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  1. I think you mean there are many “shades” of white, not colors of white. I like all the dresser links and think any one of them would be stunning. Not as crazy about the rest.

  2. Yes, “shades” is the right term, but “colors” is more appropriate to how I think about them.

    Thanks for the advice on the dresser situation!

    1. Thank you, Liz! It’s things like that that I want to know. I had a new idea last night that maybe I would paint the top surface blue to match the curtains. It’s a very subtle blue, so it might work. We’ll see what paper I come home with, though.

  3. Hi, just saw the connecting link with my blog and thought I’d stop by for a “meet & greet” of sorts thru the web. Have enjoyed reading some of your posts. You asked about using matching or coord papers. Not that I’m an expert by any means but I’ve noticed that with a lot of designs I’ve seen around coordinating paper seems to be the trend just making sure to connect the pieces of furniture with a matching paint color. Or maybe try to have at least one matching paper on each furniture to pull them all together but then mix it up by adding an addtl coordinating paper to each one. Just a thought. Can’t wait to see how yours turns out. I absolutely love a good furniture redo!

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