Progress Report

On Friday, I posted a list of things that I “should” have done over the weekend. Let’s see how that went, OK?

  1. Take down and put away leftover winter decorations, including all the Christmas mugs, the “let it snow” signs, and the snowman pillow. It’s getting to be embarrassing. Untouched. Guess we’re still feeling wintery at our house. I’d like to switch out the outdoor wreath before Easter. I know, I know, big goals.
  2. Sew up the sheers and curtains for the patio door, and sheers for the transom window, and install all of it including the curtain tiebacks. Sheers for the transom window are 95% completed. (Actually, they’re 100% complete and hung up, but my method was flawed, and they sag a bit, so we need to figure something else out.) Patio door sheers are pinned for hemming, which is the hard part. They’re hanging up right now, so they look done, but I’ve got an hour or two of work on them. Curtains weren’t even thought about.
  3. Go to the bookstore (Half Price is preferable) and get the next book after Two Shall Become One and try to find the remaining four books in the Pern series. I have nothing to read before going to bed. And by nothing, I mean I don’t have the books I just listed. Our house is full of books. We didn’t make it to Half Price, but stopped by Borders on Friday night and I found three out of the four books on my Pern list, and Loving Mr. Darcy too. Win!
  4. To satisfy my own creativity, sketch out (on paper, not in my head) what I’d like the built-in bookshelves in the basement to look like. We’ve got quite some time until this needs to be for real sketched out (like with measurements and stuff), but all the ideas I have keep jumping about in my head, and I’m afraid one might fall out. Nope.
  5. Re-acquaint myself with the gym. Not a chance.
  6. Buy plane tickets. Suggested several times that this get done, but it did not. Would prefer to not nag. Enough said.
  7. Drink lots of water. I think I’ve kicked the sore throat, but I’m not totally un-sick, and I think drinking water and consuming some Vitamin C won’t hurt. Apparently, I didn’t drink enough, because my sore throat is worse now than it was on Friday.
  8. Watch the latest Netflix that came to our house. Netflix watched and returned.
  9. Make serious forward-progress on the rest of the semester’s homework. I’m caught up, but I’ve been doing the bare minimum since Spring Break (and Spring fever). There are some big projects that are pretty much on track, but finishing them early wouldn’t be bad. I found a new assignment for my Monday night class that I didn’t even know about, so I kind of took a backwards step here. It should be noted, however, that I am still completely caught up, just not ahead of the game.
  10. Clean. Houses always need to be cleaned. Apartments too, really. Especially if you live with two cats who shed a lot even when it’s not Spring. Nope. No cleaning. Well, that’s not true. I washed two windows. I may have wiped down my bathroom.
  11. Attempt to clear off a significant portion of my cutting table. All of the ironing has been done, and most is put away. How have I managed to fill up a 36×72 table with stuff? Hah! I wish.
  12. Do something with all the magazines that are stacking up on the coffee table. Didn’t even notice the pile.
  13. Photograph the stuff in the “to sell on Etsy” box. Not even sure where the box is.
  14. Call or otherwise speak to my friends. Hi, how are you? I have several gift certificates to restaurants I want to share with you. Spent Saturday with family and Sunday doing homework and working on the house. Fail.
  15. Purchase and install handles on the doors of the cabinet in my office. (Have I mentioned that earlier this week, Ikea changed the status of the out-of-stock door from “we don’t know when to expect this” to “you can’t buy this at this store?” Grr. I don’t have any trips planned to another Ikea store anytime soon (especially since we live 5 minutes from this one). Nope. Still using the awkward method of trying to get those open. It’s so not a priority right now.
  16. Finish/start/make progress on any number of painting projects that are in my head or around the house in various stages of completion. Again, no progress here. Did I mention I was busy all day Saturday?

So, that went about how I expected it to. Like I said on Friday, it was a completely unrealistic list. Regardless, I feel good about the weekend. I spent most of Saturday with and , as well as and and the boys. I feel good about where my lesson plans are, and am caught up on my strategy log. The bedroom looks much more finished, even if it isn’t. And the house, while not officially cleaned, isn’t looking too shabby.

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    1. Liz, we’re going to San Jose the last week in April. Prince Charming will be attending a training all week, and I will be enjoying the sun, beach, and ocean. 🙂

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