The Power of Bribery

I just ate plain celery for lunch. Blah. I would have added peanut butter, but I told myself that if I didn’t, I could have some chocolate later. Oh, the things we do. I need to wash it down with some yogurt, though. And an apple. Good thing I ate it first, huh?

There have been contractors working on the house next door since Saturday morning. Overall, they’re not too noisy, so there’s nothing to complain about. While I was driving by today, I made sure to check and see if the “For Sale” sign was gone, and indeed, it is, which means that their house was on the market for just a few months. And it is ug-ly inside (completely vacant, too, so it’s not like the previous owners had no decorating skills – its just an ugly house). And strange – there are two garages, one attached and one not. Someone obviously saw potential in it, though I can hardly see how. The point I was trying to make (before I got sidetracked by the ugliness of the house) is that I am incredibly jealous that they sold their house so fast. Their ugly house. Almost to the point of anger.

So, let’s talk ourselves down from that ledge, shall we?

One, I love our house. Love, love, love it. It’s ours and I don’t plan on leaving, ever. (Of course, you never know what life may throw your way, but if I had my way….) I’ve never lived anywhere else that I have loved so much,

Two, (courtesy of ), the time we lived in the townhouse taught us valuable lessons and skills, some of which I’ve been able to share with others.

Three, when I look back at the other two houses on our short list, I am so glad that we ended up where we did. I love the neighborhood, I love the style, and I love its potential (aka, the basement).

Four, have I mentioned that we live one block from the high school, and a five minute drive from the middle school? I drove to the middle school on Monday, and will go again tomorrow, and I cannot tell you how happy that commute would make me, if I could ever get a job there (you know, when I graduate, and then all the teachers’ retirement portfolios are built back up and they can retire, and miraculously none of my classmates find themselves wanting to work in Richfield – hey, a girl can dream).

So, it’s just a matter of not dwelling on certain things, like the $6,000 gutter quote we got last week (we’ll be delaying that project), or the fact that we missed the window for the homebuyer tax credit by just a few months, or all the rocks that we’ll be digging out of the gardens for the next decade.

Perhaps I can bribe myself to not think about those things. What can I use as leverage? Maybe more chocolate. It’s amazing how powerful chocolate can be.

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