… for gorgeous weather, sunlight, and good moods that go along with it.

… for professors who have Spring Fever just as bad (if not worse) as students.

… for the awesome kids who go to the Homework Hub at the Lake Street library. They make Wednesdays awesome (despite the fact that volunteering means three days in a row where I don’t get home until 7 or later).

… that, from what I can surmise from the internet, Valspar interior paints have a cure time of one week, instead of one month like Behr. Howe awesome is that?

… for all the help I had getting our bedroom painted, and how awesome it looks. (Now, if I can only find a non-hideous curtain rod….)

… for finally being able to make my mind up about certain insignificant things, like what kind of light fixture I want in the dining room.

…that the snow is almost entirely gone from our yard (last night we had a chunk or two hiding under some leaves, still holding out hope that it would get cold again – you could almost hear it coughing its last breath).

… for the end of hibernation mode!

… for today, because it is ‘s first birthday! Suppose I should finally get around to making that name graphic for him?

How about you?