Edging Towards Zen

I spent part of Spring Break trying to bring some calm into my office. I didn’t really take before photos, but there are these two on Flickr of the two bookshelves, here and here [links removed]. The tall bookshelf was next to my desk, and the short one on the wall between the door and the closet (both shelves are 47 1/4″ wide, which just fits in that space, allowing me to open the door almost all the way). They had been in that location ever since we installed the cutting table, and quite frankly there are very few furniture arrangements that are possible in that room. But, after thinking about it, doing some math (I only learned afterward that Ikea has a build-your-own function on their website that would have made it so much easier – I linked to it on Tumblr [link removed]), I had a plan. This plan was brilliant because it used both frames, all four drawers, and both doors that we already owned, and only required the purchase of five more doors and a rail (and, as later discovered, some handles for the doors).

The short bookshelf and the tall bookshelf traded spots, which has been a lovely change. It totally makes the part of the room I spent the most time in feel more open.

Most of my time is spent sitting in that chair, facing either the computer or the sewing machine. Sometimes, I’m standing up in front of the bookshelf ironing. Glamorous, I know.

The four drawers that were previously on the short bookshelf were moved to the tall bookshelf, and the doors were moved up to accommodate them. Four more doors were required to completely cover the height, which means that all the “clutter” (organized clutter, but clutter nonetheless) is now hidden, and I can breathe a bit deeper.

Ah, much better. Also, obligatory cat in photo.

The fifth door is a sliding door that goes on the shorter bookshelf, and while I was able to purchase the mounting rails, the door itself is out of stock, with no estimated delivery date. It will be the beech/frosted glass like the top ones on the tall bookshelf.

I also got around to hanging up some of the mini quilts I’ve received in swaps. I had been stalling because hanging them on the walls felt like it would only add to the clutter and claustrophobic feel of the room.

The closet door seemed like the perfect place to hang these two primary color-themed ones, since they don’t exactly match the room but I love them so much.

I also hung the first quilt I made in the hallway outside my office, across from my bathroom.

I have another pink quilt to hang above the circle one, but I ran out of clips. (Target didn’t have any either! Walgreens to the rescue!)

I have several more mini quilts to hang up as well, including this one [link removed] that has both the turquoise and the green in it, so it might get placed somewhere prominent. This one [link removed] is going on the door above the pink circles, and don’t know what to do with these two [links removed] yet.

While we were picking up paint samples for the master bedroom, I picked some up for my office.

The one on the left is Glidden, and I picked it up on a whim. The other two are Behr. The far right one was shown in a photo on ApartmentTherapy and I loved it, but was afraid it might be too dark. I was right. The middle one, just a step paler, is what I’ve decided to go with. I’m also going to paint the trim in this room white – a hideous task, but it’s all so beat up and dirty and gross, and I think the white will really freshen/brighten up the room. My backpack hangs on that hook when I’m not getting ready for class.

(You can see the Behr paint “in action” in this post on ApartmentTherapy [link removed].)

On Sunday while I was at Michael’s, I picked up some trinkets to decorate with, all at 40-50% off.

Gorgeous, no? So cute! I’m thinking that I’ll paint the wall behind these guys (on the short bookshelf) a lime-asparagus-avocado-ish color (somewhere in that broad range) as an accent wall, since Prince Charming despises accent walls and it’s probably the only room I can have one in without too much argument.

Just a little votive holder. It reminded me of the green color I was thinking of using as an accent, and it was so springy that I just had to take it home. (I think it was $3, which is hard to argue with.)

I’m feeling better about the room now, and having a plan, even if I don’t have time to execute it, helps me hate it less. Conveniently, I don’t have nearly as much homework the second half of the semester, so I have a bit more free time. My professors like to front-load courses (plus one of my classes ended, so that helps), and with only 4-6 weeks of the semester left, it’s almost over! I have virtually no homework the last two weeks of classes (assuming I don’t procrastinate on big projects, which I don’t really do anymore – all nighters ceased being fun a long time ago).