Monday seems like a good day for why questions.

Why, for instance, has it taken me this long to change an aspect of my blog that I find incredibly annoying in other blogs? Archives are no longer showing excerpts, but full posts. My apologies if that annoys you as much as it annoys me.

Why don’t I have any photos posted of the gorgeous paint job we did over the weekend? Quite simply, I forgot the memory card at home. Whoops.

Why haven’t I shown you pictures of the other projects I’ve completed (or started) lately? Worse than forgetting the memory card, I haven’t actually taken photos of some of them. Conveniently, the sun now hangs around much later, so it’s possible again to get good photos on weekdays.

Why haven’t I blogged since last Wednesday? I had Thursday and Friday off of work to paint our bedroom, as previously mentioned, and I had plenty of things keeping me busy. I didn’t even check my email (beyond what popped into the inbox on my iPhone, which is just a fraction of the emails I actually get), or look at Google Reader (1000+ in the Flickr category alone!).

Why did I have a Cinderella moment (and not in the good way) on Sunday morning? I was on my hands and knees scrubbing the bedroom floor with a sponge and some Murphy’s Oil Soap in warm water. Not exactly fun, but the floor does look great now (and all the paint drips have been cleaned up) – you’ll have to take my word on that until I get pictures posted.

Why, oh why, did both Valspar paint calculators (the square footage on the can and the one on their website) tell us we would need two gallons per coat? For the record, we used one and a third gallons of paint for the whole room, two coats. We’re saving the partial gallon to paint the spare bedroom potentially (the one in the basement that will get drywall in 2012).

Why would someone paint perfectly good ceiling tiles cream? Yes, technically they match the trim, also painted cream, but when I paint the trim in April (allowing plenty of time for the paint on the walls to cure so I can tape everything up), the ceiling will look stupid, and I have no desire whatsoever to paint the ceiling. Ever. I’ve never painted a ceiling, except for the tiny ceilings in closets, which hardly count.

Why is it not possible to keep the floors in our house clean? Three minutes after vacuuming, cat hair is clearly visible on the hardwood floors. It’s a lesson in futility.

Why is it that insists on eating weird things like plastic bags, leaves on plants, etc? I saw plenty of pretty things at Michael’s yesterday that would have made lovely decor in the bedroom (fake eucalyptus, other dried or plastic flower-like things, etc), but I’m quite sure they would have all ended up with little kitty teeth marks on them, and if they weren’t too big, he’d probably swat them all to the floor too. (Watching things fall off of surfaces is another past time of his.)

Why did I have to come back to work today? I was having such a lovely time. And why do I have to go to class tonight? I feel sufficiently learned (that’s learn-ed). Also, I was enjoying not doing homework, not being stressed out, and having time at home to spend doing non-homework things and being with .

Why is it that people ask me questions I have no business knowing the answer to or making one up for, and then get frustrated when I don’t give them an answer? I don’t have any follow-up on this, except to say that, again, I am not all-knowing, and for the fortieth time, I didn’t take the training on Outlook, and you will have to ask So-and-So.

Why does the combination of peanuts, caramel and chocolate taste so good? I don’t even like peanuts.

Why is it that the decorative stitch I attempted to use to hem ‘s pajama pants (her Christmas present) turned out so terribly? So hideous, in fact, that after just a few inches, I had to stop and rip it all out (which took half an hour). , they’re still unhemmed, though the hem is ironed and all ready to be stitched, once my machine decides to cooperate.

Why does it upset me when people think I’m Irish? I have no idea. I have nothing against the Irish. It just happens that I’m not. I must remember to not wear green on Wednesday (shouldn’t be that hard, I have very little work clothing that is green).

Why am I inside, far from a window, when it is so gorgeous outside? I think I need to take my afternoon break outside today.

What are your whys?

2 Replies to “Why?”

  1. Kelly – if you figure out why people ask you everything about Outlook and other computer issues, and how to make them not do that, please share with the class.
    Also, peanuts and chocolate are an entirely separate food from just peanuts. I don’t know about the caramel. Why would you want to burn sugar like that?

    Ha ha, don’t worry about my pants. I almost called to see if I could grab them on my way back from REI but I want to pick them up on a day I can actually see you and enjoy your company.

    🙂 -L

  2. L, glad you’re not anxious about your pants. I was all set to finish them, and then my machine and I disagreed. Certainly, if I figure out how to get people to stop asking me questions, I’ll let you know. I wouldn’t hold my breath, though. Also, glad to know that I’m not the only one who thinks peanuts plus chocolate is different from just peanuts. At least if I’m crazy, we’re crazy together, right? BTW, Taco Bell totally ruined my dinner last night by putting tomatoes on everything. I know you feel my pain.

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