It’s grey again today

…which seems to put a damper on my ability to write entertaining slush. So, instead, you get pictures of more clothes I plan on making but, in reality, will never have time to complete. (Hey, I’m just being honest. I will try and try, but there are only so many hours in a day and too many of them have to be filled with homework.)

I should mention that these are all knit/jerseys. Every last one of them. And most of them were around $2-6/yard (

Just a yard and a half of each of these, to make the knit shirt (View A, yellow). Hopefully a simple way to practice working with knits before tackling some of the more difficult pieces below.
I love this pattern so much that I bought it twice (accidentally), in both a size 12 and size 14. I’ll be modifying this pattern to have something between mini and mid length (I would prefer just above my knees, as that is most flattering).
I’m loving the wrap dress, but haven’t committed to it. I’m not really a dresses-with-sleeves kind of girl. In fact, I own zero dresses with sleeves. And yes, this fabric really is as bright as it looks. I may not be brave enough to wear a magenta dress. I’ll have to ruminate on this further.
How cute is this dress! Again, I don’t really do sleeves on dresses, but the temptation to own something with 3/4 sleeves that are actually 3/4 (apparently I have very long arms, because 3/4 sleeves usually hit just below my elbow, which is an incredibly annoying place) is strong.
This blue fabric is ever-so-dreamy. It feels like butter, and drapes oh-so-well. Getting View A (the red one) made up with this fabric would be enough to motivate me to shrink those love handles, because as fabulous as this fabric is, I don’t think it performs magic or any sort of visual illusions.
Just one yard of these two prints (I was a bit unsure of them), so I can only make up the sleeveless version (View E, actually, with the less-slutty neckline). They should be cute for layering under a jacket this summer (or next summer, or four summers from now).
I cannot tell you how much I am in love with this fabric. It is not only gorgeous, but it feels divine. I actually have View B (the print dress) cut out and waiting for me. It could get finished by the end of this week. If nothing else, I have a few hours on Friday between coats of primer. (Though this may be obvious to you, it was not to me, and so I’ll share with you what I learned – French seams with knits are totally redundant and not necessary. Duh. Knits don’t unravel. I only made that mistake once.)

I was cleaning and reorganizing my office this weekend (that I’d love to tell you about, but still don’t have pictures because I didn’t get home until after 9 last night), and have stored together all of the apparel fabrics with the patterns that I intend to use them with. There’s a smaller pile of apparel fabrics that I can’t seem to match up to a pattern, and those got stored elsewhere.

My hope is that having some of the decisions made will make it easier to start a project. Were I really ambitious, I’d cut out the pattern pieces (just the tissue, not the fabric) and get them ironed too. No cutting out of fabric until I’m ready to go, though, just in case my measurements change, or I change my mind about the match-up, or… whatever. Life happens.

Really, I would love to leave work early (I won’t) and go work on that grey floral dress. Or at least touch the fabric some more, because it is yummy.

As always, feel free to weigh-in on the match-ups of pattern and fabric. I know it’s hard to make judgments based on a picture of fabric, but don’t let that stop you.

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  1. I like the other one in the picture with the wrap dress, the two piece skirt and halter/v neck/what’s that style called in the red

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