Appreciative of Verbage

Today, between answering phone calls and providing technical support, I’m sitting in my cube reading my 1300 page book on Access 2007. Thrilling, I know. (It is a bit exciting that I am already on page 453, but deceiving since I’m not really reading most of the book, but rather skimming.)

I was reading one of the tips, and it said (I’m paraphrasing), “one way to do this would be to…” followed by the steps a novice-intermediate user would take to solve the problem (which would be a chunk of the intended audience of this book). Then the author says, “This would be an inelegant way to do this” (emphasis mine). Well, how lovely. I was not called inefficient or stupid or redundant or any number of other words that could be used to describe the first solution. I’m simply… inelegant. I can totally handle that.

Moving on…

I have not done any homework since Wednesday night, and am having a hard time keeping track of the days of the week right now. For most of yesterday, I was convinced it was Saturday, because I didn’t have the feeling of homework hanging over my head that is usually present on Sundays (since I have class Monday and Tuesday nights). This week, I only work Monday through Wednesday. I don’t have class Monday or Tuesday night, but tonight I am going over to ‘s right after work. Wednesday I leave work an hour early to start volunteering with the Homework Hub. Thursday and Friday I’ll be at home – Thursday someone is coming over to give us a quote on new gutters, and Friday I will be priming the bedroom. Saturday my crew is coming over to paint, and I’m pretty sure that by Sunday I will have no clue which way is up.

All that said, I’m not actually complaining. I’ve been sleeping well, have had the chance to clean and organize and watch TV and do other things normally considered luxurious. (Yes, cleaning and organizing are luxuries sometimes.) I am feeling very relaxed, and that’s nice. Everyone needs Spring Break once in a while.

I have more I could tell you, but it would be better accompanied by photos, which I do not have at the moment, so I’ll just leave it at that. Back to my book!