Feeling Impatient

I have an order from Fabric.com that is supposed to arrive on Monday. In said package will be several samples of potential curtain fabrics, including one that, if perfect, will be especially awesome because it is uber cheap right now. But, they barely had enough left in stock when I made the order, and that was on Monday. Let’s just say I’m not holding my breath on that. There’s also the tiny detail that the home dec fabrics on Fabric.com are mostly 54″ wide, while the ones I can get at JoAnn and Michaels are 118″ wide. Huge difference. 118″ wide means no seaming of panels, since I need each panel to be around 100″ wide, give or take (the door is 100″ wide, and since fullness is supposed to be 2-3 times the width, 200″ is the bare minimum).

So I’m sitting here at work being impatient.

Want some cool ways to spend time if you’re feeling particularly impatient? Check out these links [link removed] (I’m still figuring out Tumblr, but I’m liking it – similar to the “Note this in Google Reader” function, but different).