… for that not only lets me play around with color, but has useful information like how long before you can repaint and how much samples cost (the answer for both is 4).

… an extremely busy week at work, even though it has prevented me from starting a new book.

… Spring Break! Have I mentioned yet that it’s Spring Break? Yeah, I thought so. But really, it’s wonderful. I only did homework for an hour and a half last night. And maybe half an hour tonight. Yay!

… the combination of extra daylight and warm weather (and the afore-mentioned Spring Break) that not only sparks creativity but gives me the chance to be creative.

… the promise of a short work week next week, which somehow makes this one feel shorter too. Go figure.

… getting all my laundry done last night, and all the half-square triangles ironed. I thought I’d mentioned that project yesterday, but apparently I didn’t blog yesterday. Tuesday night we got out of class early (yay Spring Break!) and ERIC wanted to watch Lost (which I do not particularly enjoy), so I took the opportunity and finally sewed up the stack of charm squares I’d had prepped for months. I use the no-waste method, which means two half-square triangles out of each pair of white-and-print. I did up 38 aqua-schemed ones, and 60 pink ones (so, really, 19 aqua sets and 30 pink sets). I only had time to sew them up and cut them apart, so last night I managed to iron them all out. I added them to my existing stacks, and now I just have to play around with layouts. I have to projects in mind for these.

… headphones. Sometimes blaring loud music in my ears is the only thing that gets me to 4:00.

What are you thankful for this fine Thursday?

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