Spring Break!

Well, Spring Break officially starts Friday, but I have no more classes this week, so I’m calling it. Some homework tonight and tomorrow should leave me homework-free next week. Additionally, I took off both Thursday and Friday next week, to sleep in and then paint the bedroom, and maybe get an estimate on new gutters. So exciting, I know.

I do have to share with you the picture I promised on Monday. Warning, it’s not that interesting, but it’s got a story, so that’s something.

Remember last week when I showed you our empty humidifier? We finally remedied that situation, but it took more work than just replacing a few parts.

Replacing the guts was fairly easy, even though nothing was labeled. But, when we turned the water (and everything else) on, nothing happened.

figured out that the humidistat upstairs was not communicating with downstairs stuff. In the end, after lots of pulling on wires and looking inside the walls and thinking, he decided to run new wiring from the thermostat and humidistat down to the furnace and humidifier. Guess what happened after that?

It worked! I don't know if you can tell, but there's water coming out of that spout.

That was Sunday night, and of course by Monday morning it wasn’t working again. replaced the valve (the only part not already replaced, other than the big plastic box it all sits in), and we were in business again. Hopefully the floors and the piano will once again be happy (and then I can call a piano tuner, because right now my beautiful upright grand sounds like a high school choir room junker).

It has been quite warm here the last few days, and will supposedly continue on through the weekend (though snow is predicted for next Monday). Of course, by warm, I mean mid to upper 30s, and supposedly we’ll hit 40* today or tomorrow.

All that said, it doesn’t exactly look like Spring around here. I took these this morning before leaving for work (since someone on Facebook had asked me if it was Spring-like here).

The deck. It's an eastern exposure and boxed in on all four sides, so the snow doesn't have anywhere to go. We just shovel/sweep the part between the door and the grill (which has two new knobs, all shiny!) and call it good.

This is the roof that we never see, at least not in the winter. It's over the backyard, which is a northern exposure, with big trees back there, so it never gets any sun. Most of ice has melted off the rest of the roof, but this corner is staying strong.

We’ve been having enough sunlight lately to warrant opening the blinds in the bedroom before I leave for work, which is a wonderful thing. I’m hoping to take the plastic off the windows in there before we paint next weekend (for a window that was painted shut and the crank stripped, one of the windows in our bedroom is quite leaky; the one that is nailed shut from the outside, however, is quite well sealed, go figure). Spring will come soon enough! We really need some fresh air in the house.

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Want my rather large and heavy reclining chair for that deck? Jim and I bought new folding chairs in a smaller, lighter format for not only the deck but elsewhere in the yard (so we can sit outside and watch the neighbors).

    1. I don’t think the recliner fits with my plans for the deck. I’d like a bench, but I think the recliner might just get in the way. Craigslist?

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