“A” Game

I’m starting to think that “night school” professors (that is, those who teach nighttime classes, at the college or graduate level) should be more lenient. I mean, I don’t really think we should be expected to bring our A game to class. It’s Monday, and let me assure you, I’m never on my A game on Mondays. And by 6 pm tonight, after having spent most of the day staring at a database fixing queries, I certainly won’t even have my B game accessible. And it doesn’t matter what I eat for dinner or what fab music I listen to on the drive to class. The fact is, I have been at work all day and am now tired, and all I really want is a big glass of wine. It was that kind of a day today. Alas, drinking wine and then driving to class sounds like… the worst plan ever. So I’ll stick with the original, which is just to go to class and make it to 8:30. Learning something is just icing on the cake.

BTW, I had a great weekend (I even have a picture to share later), and am feeling well rested, and not really complaining. It’s just… staring at a database kind of eats away my brain, and my creativity, and perhaps my free will. We’re on hour… 6 now. I hope to be done before I leave tonight, because there’s no way I’ll remember where I’m supposed to pick up tomorrow if I don’t. And then tomorrow, I can read my Access 2007 book like I’d planned to do today.