I’ve been told…

… that summer is coming. I think that was wishful thinking on someone’s part. The snow, while not growing in quantity, is not shrinking either.

Last night, after getting all of my homework done that wasn’t lesson plan writing (which is all I have to do this weekend – one week of lesson plans for two classes, which is not easy if you’re thinking it sounds that way), I braved the tape measure and had do my measurements, again (the last ones were more than a year old). Then I pulled out my Pattern Fitting with Confidence book (by Nancy Zieman) and figured out how to best augment Simplicity 7641. On modern patterns, pattern fitting is a bit easier than with vintage. I’d already traced out the pattern pieces onto Swedish Tracing Paper (which is lovely, btw), at which point I’d learned that someone had not only used every single piece of the pattern, but that they had not cared one whit for it and just shoved everything back into the envelope. Tape and a not-too-hot iron were required, and it still wasn’t pretty.

The problem with vintage patterns is that they’re one size, not the beauty of multi-sizing like modern patterns. For those I just draw a line between one size and the other (because my shirt size is smaller than my skirt size). I used Nancy’s pivot technique, after doing the math on how much I needed to add to the waist and hips (I’m hoping that I added more than I needed to and will be able to take the pattern in slightly). It worked wonderfully, and I used the new pattern to cut out a “muslin.” That’s in quotes because the fabric I used was not muslin but was, in fact, this bright pink floral [link removed] that I’ve owned since the beginning of this century. I have five yards of it, so still more than a yard left. I figure if it turns out OK, I’ve got a second bonus dress, and if not, I won’t cry over having to turn all that fabric into charm squares.

Since I can’t spend all weekend long writing lesson plans and will need to take a break (to foster creativity, of course), I’m hoping that I’ll be able to sew up a majority of this dress. Unfortunately, most of the seams will end up being sewn at least twice, since I’ll baste first and check the fit, but I’m going to do French seams on the real version later, which also means every seam is sewn twice. It takes a lot more time, but I do love the end product. I’ll use my narrow hem foot again, and maybe I’ll get around to writing up my tutorial on it (because it is so fabulous and I can’t believe I didn’t know it existed until recently).

Tonight is the last meeting of my half-semester class, and I’m hoping that I have all of my work done for it. We’ll see in class if any of the instructions for our final project are clarified, requiring me to do some rewriting. Other than that, I’m done, and it will be nice to be down to two classes. It is also nice because it means Spring Break is one week away. Ah, one blissful week without homework. The luxury of it!

Did you know that the more I talk about school, the more comment spam I get? Term paper writing is apparently a big thing in the spam world. Sewing? Not so much. Thankfully, there’s a plugin that catches all of the spam, so you’re not subjected to it. Last month I was getting long paragraphs in Russian as spam. This month it’s tons of links and term papers. What are you going to do. (Do the spammers not know that I have less than 25 readers on an average day? Really not worth their time and effort, methinks.)

Here’s hoping your weekend is lovely, and that my lunch lasts me until 8 pm tonight!

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  1. Hey, the snow IS starting to shrink. The other day in Minneapolis I saw the curb under all the snow around Lake Nokomis. And on 94 by Snelling there’s an entire hill of dead grass.

    If you need a simple sewing project I can bring my pants by this weekend!
    Have fun, L

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