I’m making you think some more

More match-ups of fabric with patterns for you to mull about. You can see in these photos why I usually use my ironing board, and not the cutting table (that nice shadow across all of them? that’s my arm).

I’m starting out easy, but it gets harder…

View C - the long pants (I'm pretty sure they're ankle length but fold/button-up. The fabric is your basic bottomweight khaki, with just a bit of stretch in it.

I bought this fabric at SR Harris last year to make a shirt. It has some spandex or Lycra in it, so it should be great for this. Long sleeved? Short sleeved? (Not no-sleeved.)

This is some fabric from my stash that's so old, I'm not sure when I bought it. Probably this century, but that's as specific as I can get. It's a bit see-through, but silky and smooth. I think I have enough for View A, but might have enough for View B. (I have no idea what fabric I'd use to complement it for View C, so I think that's out.) Thoughts on embellishments? I'm not so much a sparkly/glittery kind of girl, especially for work attire (I may have to either wear a camisole or adjust that neckline to make it work appropriate, but a camisole will probably be necessary anyway, given the fabric).

It's hard to tell, but that fabric is dark grey (charcoal), and like the two above, has a nice stretch to it. I think I have enough to make the short version of this dress, which would be a nice basic wardrobe piece.

Sorry for the blurry photo. The fabric is a bright pink (not hot pink, but pretty bold), and is a bit heavier than I'd really prefer for a shirt, but I think it will be OK. Not one of the versions with embellishments (not A or C). I'm more likely to do a version without buttons, but my new sewing machine handles buttonholes well, so I'd be willing to attempt it.

(Here’s a clearer version of the pattern.)

I have 2 yards of this moleskin in "Slate," which is a dark grey-blue. The moleskin has great drape and is a bit heavy, so it would make a great skirt, or a suit, but I don't wear suits. I think it would complement this pattern nicely. View A, probably, but if someone had a suggestion for lace or something, I'd be willing to go View B.

This one I do have doubts on. The fabric, which is difficult to see, is "Sueded Cord" in "Loden Green," which is a very dark sagey-piney green. It is a super-micro cord, and is pretty thin, unlike most corduroys. It drapes quite well, and I'm not sure if it's perhaps too thin for this skirt, and instead would make a good dress. With 3 yards of it, I can make any of the versions pictured here. I like B best, but not sure if this fabric is best for that. I would like to make A at some point, but am not sure what fabric I would use for that.

I'm a bit fuzzy on the fabric, but I'm pretty sure it's a lightweight (but not too lightweight) muted-sage green. I'd make up View B, the jumper. Too boring? (It gets more boring in a pic or two.)

Technically, I have no idea how much I have of this fabric. It's an oddly shaped remnant, but nice and lightweight (think summer shirting). I have wanted to make a shirtdress with it forever, and think that this pattern might be right for it (View A, with short sleeves). I've actually tried on shirtdresses at the store to see if they look OK, and surprisingly, they do, if they're fitted enough. Does that mean I need a belt? Or maybe a bit of elastic across the back?

It was really difficult to find something for this purple fabric. It's a bottomweight, so too heavy for a shirt. Would I wear a purple skirt? I really don't know. I have made up this pattern before and really liked it (link below).

(Here is View B, though it photographed quite poorly. It looks cute when worn. I get compliments.)

Another solid to contend with, and a lightweight brown at that. I think View 3 would be cute - no collar, no sleeves. This fabric would flare nicely for the skirt, I think, but it might need something special to make it look... less boring. Would jewelry work, or do I need to do something with the dress itself?

And here we get to the ultimate in boring, this paler grey fabric. It's not as lightweight as the above, but not a bottomweight either. I was drawn to this pattern because View C is in a solid dark grey, and it looks OK. I'm really not a dresses-with-sleeves girl, so it might be View A that I'd do.

Part of what made this task hard (matching up fabrics with patterns) was trying to not make more than one item from a pattern, spreading the love around, so to speak. I have several other patterns set aside for projects that are in progress or are otherwise reserved. The other thing was that several of the patterns I would have liked to make took more than 3 yards of fabric, which I didn’t have of any of these.

What I’m really looking for are answers to these questions:

  • Does it work for you, the match up of fabric and pattern?
  • Do you absolutely hate one (or more) of the patterns and think it would look ridiculous?
  • For those that are solids, and there are quite a few, what can I do to avoid the boringness? Basic and classic are OK. Nondescript is not. Feel free to tell me that a dress out of medium grey cotton is just not allowed. I won’t cry. I’ll be much happier with criticism now, before going to all the effort of making something and finding out it was a bad idea (though I’ve done plenty of that, like this sundress that is impeccably sewn but is actually a mumu, and this dress that was too hideous to finish).
  • Which one would you make first? Just curious.

Thanks for your thoughts. I’d like to be ready to go when I get the time to sew, and this helps a lot. Once I’m decided, I can cut out pattern pieces and start that process, which takes much longer than it really should. Thankfully, all the fabric is washed and ironed, so I have that going for me.