Decisions, decisions

Alright, I know that at least a few of you out there reading this have years, if not decades, more sewing experience than I do. So, I’m asking for your help. Yesterday I was cleaning in my office (in an attempt to actually be able to use it for something other than homework and ironing), and decided to match up all the clothing fabric I have with patterns. I was… mostly successful. I still have a stack that I just don’t know what to do with. And most of what I matched up yesterday I don’t have pictures of yet, so I’ll have to save that for another day. But, I do have these two to share with you.

Well, this one is kind of a no-brainer. I had been in love with this fabric ("West Hill by Heather Ross - Floral Stripe") for such a long time that I finally broke down and bought it (I swear I've been watching it in ebay for over a year - the seller just kept relisting it). I bought all 4 yards that she had. It's a fabulous cotton with a very smooth touch, almost like high quality sheets, and is just begging to be pajamas. I was thinking pajama pants, but while looking through my patterns I saw this one and thought I might be able to do the short-sleeved top as well. I don't really have a question about this pairing, just wanted to share.

This one, however, I have questions on. I bought the blue fabric, technically shirting, at JoAnn on clearance for something ridiculous like $2 a yard. I stood there in the store looking through my patterns on Flickr (aren't iPhones great?) and finally settled on something that I was sure I'd remember. I bought the 3 yards the pattern said I'd need. Of course, after getting the fabric home and washing it, I no longer remember exactly which dress it was that I wanted to make. The fabric is pretty lightweight, but not see-through (though I'd need a slip - not a big hassle). There's white stitching that's a bit shiny just above each of the pintucks, which would run vertically on most patterns. Thoughts? I have tons of other dress patterns, but just couldn't figure out exactly which one to use. (Note that this pattern is only partially my size, and I'll have to make some adjustments to accommodate my hips.)

(More dress patterns here.)

As a side note, perhaps I should get myself an ironing board cover that’s a bit more… neutral? made this one ( picked out the fabric), and it’s great, but a bit distracting when used as a backdrop, and it is the best surface I have to take pictures on (height, relationship to light, size, etc).

Hopefully I’ll have enough time at home while the sun is still shining to take pictures of my other pairings, and y’all can weigh-in. Sewing expertise not necessary – just an eye for fashion. I tend to make mistakes when matching up fabric with patterns, or even in picking patterns that will look good on me. I know enough to steer clear of certain colors (for instance, I will probably not wear a bright red shirt, so why make one), but then I’m sort of crippled. My mind has trouble making the necessary connections between the fabric, pattern, and my body type. You’d be happy to help me out, right? You know I’d do the same thing for you (and have, for some of you, several times).

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  1. o.k. I have zero fashion sense, so I will leave that to someone else! Just wanted to say that I think that fabric will make the sweetest p.j.s ever!!

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