Black and Whites

I finally got around to making digital copies of some pictures I got from over Christmas. Since that’s all there is to this post, if you’re not interested in 60-year-old Johnson-family photographs, you can just mosey on your way. I won’t hold it against you. (It should be noted that I may or may not get the details about these photographs correct. My mind has a funny way of making new stories out of old ones.)

Dad's parents on their wedding day. This would have been... mid 1940s, give or take?

Now, I never knew Dad's mom - she died shortly before I was born - but I don't think I've ever heard a negative word spoken about her. I love this picture, how happy they look, with that extra detail of the old car in the background. (My version of this is a bit blurry - I might have to re-take it.)

Dad, age 6. Oh my goodness. Look at that smirk. I'm quite sure I've never seen him with such a look on his face. (But wait, it gets better.)

This would be... early to mid 1960s. That's Grandpa, Aunt Shirley, Grandma, and Dad. The glasses, the hair styles.... I love the big smiles, especially on Grandma's and Dad's faces.

This is my Aunt Shirley. What a gorgeous girl! I see we've finally made it to color photographs, and just in time. If I had to guess, I'd say this was at a church camp (it kind of looks like a lake in the background), but I really don't know.

Grandma and Grandpa - no date, but it would have to be mid-1970s. She passed away in 1978. They were a bit older when they had kids - Dad says he doesn't remember her without grey hair. (That would be why I have a 96 year old grandpa - 37 + 28 + my age....)

Thanks for letting me share! They’re up in Flickr for posterity now (and backed up on our server, with hard copies safely tucked away from sunlight). Maybe if I collect the pictures in small enough batches, I’ll remember enough details for them to be worth saving.

2 Replies to “Black and Whites”

  1. That’s right, I’d forgotten you have Grandma’s wedding dress. Old pictures are so much fun. I especially enjoy seeing people so differently from how I know them – so much younger, different personalities, etc.

  2. I have the wedding dress in the first picture. I think the last one was possibly their 25th wedding anniversary. Thanks for the trip down memory lane, even though I wasn’t around at the time I’ve seen all of these, too. And, yes, they were that good looking!

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