All in a weekend

Last week I mentioned that we were getting ready to paint ‘s office. Well, here’s the photo update on that project (and a separate project at the very end). The captions tell the story – if you’re using a reader, the captions are the text below each picture (I know it shows up differently depending on the service you’re using).

Here's how it looked on Wednesday before we primed. We got one coat of primer done on Wednesday night, and a second coat just on the edges (brushwork) on Thursday night. One of the best things about this particular painting project is that there is no trim, so no taping, and there's no ceiling, so the only place you can't get paint is on the carpeting.

About 5 minutes after we started painting on Friday night, we remembered to take shots of the room all primed.

See? We'd already started. Crummy light, but that will be fixed eventually (need a ceiling first).

Two coats of paint later, and here's the room. (Surprisingly, it's about the same color as the kitchen, which was completely unintentional. Prince Charming noted that I probably wanted to repaint the kitchen anyway, and he was right. That's a project that will have to wait until we refinish the cabinets, though.)

Prince Charming spent most of Sunday re-installing the electrical outlets and working on the wall mounts for the monitors. Of course, nothing can get tightened down until the paint cures (4 weeks!), but progress is being made. There are a lot of other wires to run, which will keep him busy for a while.

If you want to see the whole remodeling set, here it is.

When we moved into this house, we knew that the humidifier was not working. This was mainly due to the fact that there were no internal parts for the humidifier.

The appliance repair store didn't believe me when I said it was empty. All I did for this photo was remove the cover.

What I wanted to be able to show you next was a picture of the humidifier with all its parts, in working order. We got a replacement kit that had everything we needed to re-create the inner workings, and managed to figure out how it all goes together. Unfortunately, after turning the power on, the water on, and playing around with the humidistat and thermostat, we still can’t get it working. has a few more ideas to try before we have to call in some help.

Aren’t old houses fun? (Answer: yes, yes they are. I am, however, quite glad that there were only two previous owners. I can only imagine if there had been five families who had lived here for ten years each, instead of one family for 50 years. The horror.)