Primed and Ready to Go

Finished up priming ‘s office last night. He patched a couple of spots that he has to sand down and touch-up, but that’s a 15 minute task at best. He picked out paint colors and is buying them today after work (as well as picking up some more paint chip/cards for me). For my part, I’m going to Hancock Fabrics after work to see if they have something I might want to use for drapes in the bedroom. (Does it sound better to say curtains? Drapes seem so formal. Curtains it is.) I found something I think I’d like to use online, but I would have to get a sample first, because monitor colors cannot be trusted, and it’s 75-cents for a sample. Nothing big, I know, but hardly worth a whole order. I’m enjoying the whole “bits and pieces” of the design process that are coming together.

Lots of homework this weekend, but what is new. Lots of lesson plans to write, actually. I almost miss the days of reading for class (but not really – I’ve got a couple of books this semester that warrant skimming, something I have not done in my college career). I’m going to try to arrange for some time to indulge my creative side (outside of painting in ‘s office, which can hardly be considered creative) – I am about 3% interested in the Olympics, so it’s not like television is sucking up any of my time (that 3% was spent entirely on watching the American male singles skater last night, who was phenomenal – now I’m done).

We’ve been having some gorgeous weather as I leave work, which is awesome. I enjoy being able to “complain” about being blinded by sun.

It’s a pretty boring Friday, but it could be much, much worse. So I’ll take what I’ve got and make the most out of it.