right now, for …

… something warm to drink in the morning.

… friends who still comment on my blog even though I haven’t had time to talk to them since school started. (Hi, !)

… the awesomeness that came out of my database work yesterday (even if that means today’s work will be nothing but frustration).

… primer that is on the walls of ‘s office finally (just a bit more edging to do tonight, and then painting this weekend).

… figuring out some home dec things. I hate feeling thwarted by my own house.

‘s nursing job, even if I don’t know any details (hint, hint).

… my day off earlier this week, and for the contributions of the many great men and women who founded our country.

… sunshine. There was actual sunshine yesterday, and it was 34*! I was positively giddy.

… rocking my presentation at Tuesday night’s class, and the new-found confidence I have towards this semester.

… the box of Twinkies, which is now gone, but was yummy and fun while it was here.

… new driver’s licenses which are on the way, and the ease at which one can become an organ donor and register to vote alongside that process.

… remembering to be thankful before 8 pm. 🙂

Share what you’re thankful for in the comments! It makes me so happy to read what other people feel grateful for.