More inspiration

I have more inspiration to share with you today. I think my brain goes into a “find pretty colors” phase mid-February, surrounded by all the grey and dullness (though it’s been surprisingly sunny here this week). It never fails, ever time I read someone’s blog post about Anthropologie, I have to go visit their site (and I forget that they exist the rest of the time). And I always find things that I love, but would never own. Does that make sense? It’s not just the price tag, but… something. That would be true for most of the things in this mosaic – love, don’t want to own. My only rule was that when I looked at the pictures, they had to make me smile.

Anthropologie Inspiration Mosaic
First row: Sheets, Drawer Pull, Felt Tulip Pendant Light, Kitchen towel. Second row: Chair, Rug, Apron, Bench. Third row: Doorknob, Kitchen Towels, Rug, Drawer Pull. Fourth row: Napkins, Shelf Bracket, Bird Cage, Sheets. (The exceptions to the “I wouldn’t own” rule are the sheets, and maybe that pretty shelf bracket.)

And this one I found,via ApartmentTherapy [link removed], at Dabney Lee.

I’m trying to picture how to make this work with our monogram (the one we used on our wedding stuff), and where. But very cool idea!

So, there you have it. Nothing worth talking about in my life, so some pretty pictures to help you make it through a Thursday.