On finding inspiration

If you remember that angsty post from last week, I’ve been re-thinking my decorating thoughts in regards to my office. Since then, I have had several clear, helpful thoughts about decorating.

First of all, were I decorating our house only for myself and not taking into account anyone else’s opinion (which is definitely not the case, but it’s good to know regardless), the two words that I would want to describe it would be: warm, and happy. If those two words were nixed, my second choices are: peaceful, and cozy.

My office is none of those things.

I thought I would be happy with neutrals. After all, aren’t they kind of peaceful and cozy? Alas, as I was perusing the Better Homes & Gardens website this morning, looking through an article on neutral decorating schemes, I was completely bored by every picture. That is how I feel about neutrals. They have a time and a place, and can be a very smart choice, but, to be honest, they’re boring. (Khaki pants, while a great wardrobe staple, are really nothing to talk about.)

When I wrote that post last week, I got started thinking about how you should really have a point of inspiration to pick paint colors from, and I had been dwelling on fabric. My thinking was that if I could pick out a piece of fabric that I love (from my stash, which holds many patterns that fit the bill, and quite a few in the color scheme I’m thinking of), I could pick out paint from that. But I haven’t really had the time to look at fabric, and then there was the probability that I wouldn’t end up using said fabric in room (where? couldn’t come up with anything – I want the window treatments to be solid, not print, as I have discovered since making the current ones)….

This afternoon at work I was talking with a co-worker, and she liked my earrings. I said they make me happy.

They're a bit more aqua (greener) in real life, but not much. And I heart them.


My earrings make me happy. Couldn’t I use them as the inspiration for decorating my office? These earrings, plus the little statue (which I may just have to buy myself as a “you made it to Spring Break!” reward), start to form an idea of what to do.

Those birds just shout "happy" ! And the blue, in both the birds and the earrings above, can be classified as "warm."

See, now, if I put my mind to it, I bet I could figure this one out.

I just knew you were waiting for a peaceful resolution to all that angst. Of course, I don’t actually have the time to re-paint right now. We’re priming ‘s office tonight, and hopefully painting this weekend (at least, I think that’s the plan). But maybe I could squeeze in painting over Spring Break? I’d be down to two classes by then….

And just to throw more wood on the fire, I thought I’d share with you some pictures I’ve collected for my inspiration file for other parts of our house. You know, parts that we don’t plan on updating for months, years, “sometime.” I’m pretty sure that they’re all from the Better Homes & Gardens website.

Potential color scheme for the master bedroom. What do you think?
I've got nine-ish months to figure out a plan for built-in bookcases in the family room (the current plan is to drywall that room next winter). I'd been thinking about using beadboard for the backdrop, and here's an excellent picture of that (not the green, though - no avocado green in a basement that we're trying to get *out* of the 70s). I have another picture where the beadboard motif is repeated on the cabinet doors, and it looks quite smart.
Not much inspiring here, but the ceiling looks just like our living room ceiling, and this picture is a nice blank slate.
I found this one just today, and saved it because you can clearly see the trim, painted white, right up next to the hardwood floor (you can in the above picture too, I just realized). My mind has been stuck on the idea, but couldn't figure out if it would look OK or not. I'm going to go ahead and say Yes to that idea.

Where have you found inspiration to decorate your home? Or inspiration for anything?

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  1. Ok, when I read the first post, I misread something the first time about you and Eric having kids, and then there’s a “9 month” comment in one of these pictures. This design thread is completely distracting me.

    Neutrals are boring, I agree. I say design around the earrings. You’ve apparently got 9 months of not dry-walling so entertain yourself.

    1. I actually thought about re-wording the 9 month part, since people naturally jump to conclusions, but oh well.

      Thanks for the redecorating support!

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