Fat Tuesday, huh?

I had no idea. So, to celebrate, I’m having an apple with my usual lunch of yogurt.

Pants still don’t fit.

In other news… I’ve got nothing. It was a fairly boring, albeit long, weekend. Class Friday night, homework, a bit of cleaning, some preparation for sewing, and… homework. And lots of Stargate SG-1 (I just started season 10, so I only have 20-ish hours left! so sad).

is progressing on his office remodel, though not as quickly as it likes. The problem is twofold. One, it takes mud a long time to dry (drywall mud, that is). And two, he wants to do it right. No one can fault him for that. Hopefully we will be priming the walls tomorrow night, which will make a huge difference. Then he can pick paint colors. And paint. And then it’s just the small matters of a ceiling, finishing up all the audio/electrical work, and furniture. Right. So this project will be done by… June.

On Saturday (I was wracking my brain to figure out how the day had been spent, and finally figured it out), we went and got new driver’s licenses, ones that reflect our new address. After lunch I went to JoAnn to spend some coupons, and buy fabric for clothing I don’t have time to make.

In good news, after tonight’s class, it is two class weeks until Spring Break! Which means that the semester will then be half over! And my Friday night class ends in two weeks.

The replacement parts for our humidifier (the one attached to the furnace – just a box, no innards) should arrive by the end of the week, so we should be able to get the house re-humidified by mid-Spring. Just in time to take the plastic off the windows, open them all up, and let that moist Spring air in.

I’m leaving you a picture of gratuitous kitty-snuggling. It was embarrassing. I’m saving this one for when brings a date home….

On the chair in the bedroom

Oh my goodness. Does the cuteness ever end?