Friday 5: Warmth

  1. What is your favorite blanket like? I love a microfiber one that we got as a wedding present. It’s cuddly and squishy and keeps me warm.
  2. What was the last thing you baked? Bread, as mentioned last week. It was fab.
  3. What television personality gets you most hot and bothered? I have to pick just one? The short list of “who I’m sending to a deserted island with no way to ever again subject the public to their antics” includes Jesse (Ventura), Palin, and Mr. Hair (Blagoijovich, or however you spell his name). I might have to put Trump on the list just for casting Mr. Hair on Celebrity Apprentice this spring.
  4. When did you last burn yourself? I burned my tongue last weekend on hot cocoa.
  5. What are your feelings about hot sauce? With the right food, I could go for a little Tabasco (like on Chipotle), but in general I am not a lover of things that are too hot. Spicy is good, burning my tongue is bad.

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