I am experiencing regret, and I really try to live without any of that (it’s totally not helpful, you know). Fortunately, this regret is based on… paint color. See, it could totally be worse.

If you remember, back in June, I painted my office. How I ended up at these color selections was a very logical process.  (Bear with me.) I knew I wanted blue and brown, and then somehow decided that it would look best if it were a darker blue and a pale brown (also known as beige). So I took my paint samples and figured out which beige ones didn’t look horrible with the wood trim and the wooden furniture. And then I figured out which blue looked best with that. And this is what I ended up with:

Beige, chocolate, blue….

And it was… OK. I mean, I’d already painted it, so I just went with it. Mistake #1. I even made curtains (which are… 80% finished – just need to seam up the two for the other window).

Do you know how hard I worked to find fabric that I liked and matched the paint? That is not how you’re supposed to do it. Paint comes in every color imaginable – fabric, not so much. Mistake #2. Mistake #3 may very well be that the curtains should be a solid color so that I could decorate the walls and not have it feel so… busy.

Since the painting, furniture has been moved about twice, and built an epically awesome collapsible cutting table.

It fits my 36″ x 72″ cutting mat perfectly (rounded corners and everything!), and collapses against the wall so that it only takes up 1″ of square footage when not in use, which has been… never. But the point is that it could collapse. This will never be considered a mistake.

[Yes, my office is also home to the antenna for all the television in the house. Before the switch to digital, we got reception just fine in the basement, but no longer. My office is on the correct end of the house. Maybe some day we’ll get an outside mount. Some day when there’s no longer several feet of snow and below freezing temps to deal with.]

Here’s the problem: I don’t actually like it. I know, I know, I should have listened to that nagging voice in my head, and I didn’t. Back in May, I even blogged about the color scheme I did want. And then, a few months after finishing all the painting, I found this blog post by nannygoat [link removed] and realized that’s what I wanted to do. Well, not exactly. Not with the crib, and not the green (robin’s egg blue or turquoise, please), but you get the drift. How gorgeous is her room?

I’ve had that post bookmarked ever since I found it, and every once in a while I pull it up and wish that I’d done things differently (you might consider that mistake #4, hanging on to that link and dwelling on the situation). Boo hoo hoo, poor me.

So… do I just keep on living with it and make the best out of it? Do I re-paint? If I do, there are logistics to figure out. I’ve been wanting to do a shelf like nannygoat did, but haven’t been able to figure out where in my tiny office I could do that and still make the furniture work (I like the bridge it makes between the two windows, and I could very well do that, keeping in mind that the cutting table is not going anywhere, because it was made for that space). I have a closet, two windows, and a door that take up wall space, and then I have a desk and two large Ikea shelving units that are very, very full of stuff. Non-negotiable that they stay. One is quite tall. And… exactly what colors would I put where? Do I leave the beige (I really do like it) and find a blue I actually like as the accent color on two walls? Because I think that might be genius. But would it work? I’m sure I could figure out new curtains and would only cry a little bit about the fabric that I’ve already used on the current ones.

And then someone please tell me where to hang all my gorgeous mini quilts from swaps (that don’t match any of the decorating schemes anywhere in the house), because the walls in this office are boringly undecorated but I haven’t been able to commit to anything. Everything I think of seems to make the room feel busier and more cluttered, and that is not the way I want to go. I do have some bird decorations that are unpainted and could be used in any variety of ways (hanging from the ceiling, mounted on the wall – they’re these MDF cutouts from popalicioustoo on Etsy [link removed]). One silver lining is that I never got around to painting the mural (silhouette of birds on a branch around the window with my sewing machine) in chocolate like I planned. That would have only further complicated things.

If you think I should live with it, and make do, some suggestions would be nice. I have come to an impasse with this room. Also, it barely needs repeating that I don’t actually have the time to do anything with this room right now, which might be why it is bothering me so much. Also, it’s dark outside a lot still, and I’d rather have a cheerful room, and the existing color scheme is not cheerful or warm in the slightest.

Should I also mention that were we to decide that we were ready to have kids, this is the room that goes first? It’s the only upstairs bedroom besides the master. That’s certainly a ways down the road (we’re finishing grad school before we even think about it, except for all the times everyone asks when we’re having kids), but I don’t want to have to completely 100% remodel a room again in a few (several? many? who knows?) years.

Just to prove that we do have home improvement projects that are making headway and are going quite well, I present to you this month-old picture of Prince Charming’s office.

I know I’m over-thinking it. But my poor choices the first time around are making me doubt myself. Which is also delaying picking a color for the master bedroom. Apple green (cute, but that’s the direction I was leaning in for the kitchen)? Orange (too bright for a bedroom perhaps)? White/cream (the room is huge, as some people have pointed out – possibly too big to be painted white)? I refuse to do mid-tone brown in the master bedroom – that’s my only stipulation. Our last bedroom was that color, and while it was nice, I’d like something different this time.

If I say I want the room to be bright, cheery, warm, comfortable, and not super-cluttered, my current office is not what I picture. It is, however, cozy, not too girly, and calm. See, I can find good things about it!

Weigh in, or not. Either way, the cats won’t lose any sleep over it.

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