It’s Friday afternoon

Enough said? I went to Macy’s on my lunch break and bought two shawls to try out with my LBD. Because, you know, it’s Minnesota, and it’s February, and it’s cold. Too cold for sundress sleeves, even indoors. (Well, with enough wine, I’d probably be OK, but totally not appropriate for a spousal company party. Plus, I almost never drink that much wine. Especially in public. But I digress.) One is black/grey (double sided – one is black, one is grey), and one is turquoise, a color that I have been loving lately. It makes me happy, so I thought I’d give wearing it a try.

When I got back, I decided to check my spam filter in Gmail to see if that’s where emails from my blog (“someone left a comment!”) have been going. Alas, they are not there, which means I have something set up wrong here in WordPress. However, I did find a handful of emails that shouldn’t have been in there, including my weekly stat report on this site. I usually give those a cursory look and then discard them, but this time I decided to follow the link for all the details. Oh boy, the details! I had forgotten what SiteMeter provides in terms of data. I can see when you were here, where you live (well, where your internet host is), how many pages you viewed, what you clicked on, and for some of you, I know exactly who those stats belong to (like and Holland, MI). It was quite a bit of fun. Of course, had just left a comment this morning, and my Michigan relatives had said hello earlier this week, so no surprises (all those “Minneapolis, MN” and “Saint Paul, MN” ones were no help). Fun nonetheless.

Looking at my stats also reminded me that there are many ways to get more visitors to one’s blog, at least several of which I do. (Man, that was an awkward sentence!) The biggest one (according to the stats on how many visits were referrals of this nature) is commenting on other people’s blogs, and occasionally by getting yourself on someone else’s blogroll (or whatever the kids are calling them these days). Submitting recipes to Tastespotting has given me minimal traffic, and I get a bit from Flickr too. I’m pretty sure Twitter is a great tool, though most of the people I follow on Twitter are already in my RSS reader. Just some random thoughts for you.

The I realized that my disclaimer was woefully out of date, so I kind of rewrote it. Boring, I know. Maybe someone could re-write my “about me” section, because I am terrible at those.

When I get home I’ll get myself all gussied up, which includes wearing completely inappropriate shoes with my cute dress. It’s either black too-casual flats, sandals, or brown dress shoes (of which I actually have 3 pair). The dress is black. Bummer. Conveniently, I am the only one who will care. Or, at least, that’s what I’ll tell myself. What this means, of course, is that tonight is a homework-free night! It does not mean that I’ll be getting to bed early, but I do get to sleep in on Saturday. Sleeping in on Saturdays is what’s keeping me going this semester.

And, in case you wanted to know, I’m still allergic to alpaca. And wool. I keep trying to not be, but my skin didn’t get the memo. It’s a darn cute scarf, too! Boo.

More super-dosing of Vitamin C….

[Editor’s note: my apologies for the poor quality of writing in this post. Let’s blame it on the head cold, shall we, and hope for better things next week.]

3 Replies to “It’s Friday afternoon”

  1. I hope that you had a nice evening! I thought that I could sleep late Saturday too but the silly cat woke me up! Grrrrr!

  2. yo! Minneapolis MN here at 3:24p.
    Not sure if that helps you pick me out.
    PS – I didn’t get the “leave a comment” link on your main page for some reason. Maybe because someone else already commented?

  3. Thanks, Liz! It seems that the “leave a comment” bit is only on posts without comments. “XX others wondered” takes you to the same place, but it’s not as clear cut as I’d like. No good way to fix it that I know of, however.

    Libby – the cats only wake me up to snuggle in bed. Prince Charming gets up much earlier than I do and feeds them, and then they’re allowed in the bedroom. I’m usually relegated to 1/3rd of the bed then…. 🙂 Isn’t that the way it always is?

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