Oh, with school and it being February, it is getting quite difficult to come up with things to be thankful for. Let’s give it a shot, shall we?

Today, I’m thankful…

… that real teachers have textbooks on which to base lesson plans (at least, this is what I’m lead to believe). Trying to write one without a book? Extremely difficult, bordering on insane.*

… for the haircut (Saturday) that I finally remembered to schedule. I’m only two or three months overdue.

… for finding a bridesmaid dress.

… I finally figured out (today) how to put more money in my retirement account at work. You know, I’ve only worked here 7 years. 😉

… for Emergen-C and the belief, however true or not, that Vitamin C superdosing will keep this cold at bay.

… it’s in the upper 20*s today! No long underwear! Freedom!

… for technology.

… my cousin is finally back in the US after serving in Afghanistan.

… I’ve had new visitors to my blog this week, and comments! They make me giddy.

… for Savers and eBay and other stores/places that help me get my craft on / keep me inspired.

… I have not fallen asleep at work once this week. (OK, I’ve never fallen asleep at work. At least, not at this job. But I’m tired, and it should would be nice to take a little nap.)

… I’m pretty sure that everyone I know is in relatively good health. I haven’t had time to talk to anybody, or keep in touch (except for Facebook), but I’m counting on someone contacting me if something comes up.

… that I’ve kept all of my textbooks (this time around, at least), and have given in to temptations to buy random social studies-related books at thrift stores. They are really coming in handy.

… for my one lone bamboo here at work, who did not get sick and die like the other two, and is still bright green and cheery in my cube.

… that Ben & Jerry’s exists.


*Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that writing lesson plans is easy for real teachers. I’m just saying that trying to write one without a textbook and with a made up classroom of students is driving me crazy. Also, I’m pretty sure that one day when I am a real teacher, I’ll look back at this post and laugh at my naivety. Bring it on.

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  1. Highly recommend Green & Blacks Dark Chocolate Ice Cream, beats every other chocolate ice cream I can get in Minnesota. I think you can get it at Target, otherwise the Co ops have it.

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