Thankful: the Silver Lining edition

I’m working at finding silver linings today, and trying to think positive. So, I’m not even going to share with you the complaints that inspire these thoughts. How about that?

Today, I’m thankful…

… for long underwear, scarves, space heaters, and hot drinks.

… for a full head of hair.

… I don’t itch everywhere.

… that the more classes I take at once, the sooner I graduate, and the less it costs.

… I get to sleep in on weekends.

… that I don’t have class on Wednesday and Thursday nights.

… for no yardwork.

… for 9 1/2 hours of daylight! (Compared to 8.75 at our darkest point, 12/22.) By this time next month, it will be over 11 hours!

… a wine cellar full of Riesling.

… it’s Thursday!

… dreams.