I [perhaps foolishly] spent most of yesterday afternoon baking. I made four batches of muffins, a batch of icebox cookie dough, and a double batch of chocolate chip cookies. (OK, I only baked up part of the chocolate chip cookies, and then spoon-dropped the rest onto a cookie sheet and stuck them in the freezer, so that can have fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies, two at a time, all Spring long, since I will not have time to bake them.) The muffins (all 4 dozen plus 3) went directly into the freezer. I made up Bran & Molasses (with dates, not raisins), Chocolate Nut Bran (substituting Dutch Process cocoa in for regular and almonds for the walnuts), and Pecan Tea muffins (using some toasted, sugared pecans I had laying around) from the All-Bran website, and Green Tea Muffins from a random blog that I don’t have on hand at the moment. The cookies were also from the All-Bran website (Ice Box Cookies).

Beforehand, I measured out how much All-Bran we had (I’d been saving half a box for just such a moment, because who cares if All-Bran is stale? could you even tell?), and it was just over 4 cups. Since each recipe took approximately one cup, it was all good. I emptied the flour jar (refilled with flour that was in the pantry – sorry, inside joke for ), used up all of the almonds (two kinds!) and pecans we had in the house, used all the eggs (10 or 11 set to expire soon), all of the stick butter, stick margarine, and most of the Crisco. I also watched 3 or 4 episodes of Stargate SG-1 on Hulu while baking. I dirtied every single mixing bowl we own, which is a lot, and I even used one several times for the dry ingredients. Oh, and I used the new spatulas that gave me for Christmas, and they’re fabulous!

This morning, I grabbed a muffin from the freezer and threw it in my lunch bag, and let it thaw until lunch. It was a Chocolate Nut one, and it was fabulous! Just a bit dry, as bran muffins tend to be, and not overly chocolatey (they are muffins, not cupcakes or brownies). Made my lunch seem slightly less depressing (yogurt, carrots, water, string cheese – no dip or peanut butter or Nutella or anything like that).

Of course, after dinner when I sat down with the syllabus from Friday’s class, I discovered that I had several chapters and random bits of homework I should have done. I was not happy about this. I was even less happy when I started reading the textbook, which, if I describe it as “asinine,” I will be doing it a favor. I decided, for the first time in this time around in college, that I would only be skimming this book, and there would be absolutely no marking of the text so I could sell it back (did I mention I have two of this book because I’m stupid, and it’s a really expensive book?). Before I switched to skimming, I learned that some acronym-organization (there are so many acronyms in education, and I really don’t care enough to keep them all straight right now) thinks its important that teachers be able to use computers (and peripherals!) and be able to complete a web search. There was also a rather lengthy description of the internet. And that’s when my head imploded.

For my afternoon snack, I have some chocolate chip cookies sitting here. But, the muffin might tide me over until it’s time to go home. We’ll see.

In the continuing experiment of a trying to get to class on time, I’ll remind you that last Monday I left at 5:30 and was 15 minutes late. Tuesday I left at 5:05, grabbing dinner on the way, and I was 15 minutes late. I actually sat on the ramp, less than a mile from class, for 25 solid minutes. So, tonight I’ll be taking local roads instead of the highway, and I’ll be leaving at 5:05 (grabbing dinner on the way), and hopefully I will arrive early. Or at least on time.