The… 7th day of Christmas

(Yes, that’s how many Christmas celebrations we had. This was the last.)

Last night, and came over for our annual Christmas in January gift exchange and yummy food. We learned how to make shrimp scampi, had delicious roasted Brussels sprouts that brought, and then consumed way more chocolate mousse than was advisable (but made it, and it was gooooood).

renewed my magazine subscription, which is always a welcome gift. gave me a lovely serving bowl that I had oggled at No Coast (it’s white with little birdies on the side!).

and I had a theme for our gifts to . She got flannel sheets, and

pajamas! The pants aren't actually finished, because they need to be cust0m-fit to L, but they're 30 minutes away from being done. The sleep shirt was done by tracing a photo of the fabric in Flash and enlarging it, and freezer paper stenciling it using soft fabric paint. I was super pleased with how it turned out.

And, because in December not only did turn 30, she also graduated from nursing school (and it was Christmas). My gift to celebrate all of these things was a quilt that I had kept top secret.

"The Next Step"


She loved it, and reacted as anyone should to a homemade gift. I was pleased.

And then we played dice and chatted and then I pushed them out the door so I could take down the Christmas decorations and clean the house before classes start (T minus three hours now).

2 Replies to “The… 7th day of Christmas”

  1. Just the sight of that quilt still makes my throat a little tight. I am still speechless.

    By the way, it’s already had it’s first bath (at my house anyway). I’ve been a lazy sloth lately, which apparently means I don’t bathe and I lay on my couch (wrapped in that blanket) all day. I decided both me and the blanket needed some cleansing.

  2. Glad you haven’t given up bathing entirely. 😉 And I’m very glad that you like the quilt.

    Now then, go take a nap on that couch for me. I don’t get naps anymore, but am quite tired. Someone should be taking up all the slack on the sleeping front.

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