2009 Reading

I read at least 44 books in 2009. 13 were for school, 10 were craft books, and one was a cookbook, which leaves 20 fiction books (two were large anthologies). Of course, this doesn’t include all the books I forgot to add into LivingSocial, but I think it’s a fairly accurate representation. There are 17 books on my 2008 list, 6 of which are not textbooks.

It’s easy to say on the 8th day of January that I’m going to do a much better job of recording which books I read. It is likely that in actuality, I will again miss a bunch of stuff. But, I’ll try. Maybe just the act of having a list will help me (I like lists).

Of course, the whole list of books thing makes me want to install Delicious Library onto my iMac and catalog every single book we own. Let’s not take on more than we can handle, dear.

Maybe I should just note on the inside cover of the book the month/year that I finish reading that book.

Maybe I should sort through our large book collection and see what can be sold/given away.

Maybe… I’ll just dwell on the fact that I read 20 fiction books last year.

2 Replies to “2009 Reading”

  1. I love your wonderments! And 20 fiction books. That’s great! Is the list here somewhere? I’m always looking for inspiration and good recommendations. I’ll come back and let you know of a few I’ve read. And am reading. 🙂

    1. Jill, welcome! My reading list is in LivingSocial on FB – maybe this link will work: 2009 Books Read. Mostly science fiction, but the series I’m reading right now (about dragons, much to my chagrin) is very pro-female, unlike lots of science fiction. The writer actually started writing in reaction to the terribly antiquated views of women in science fiction of the 1950s.

      What are you reading these days?

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