… for [newly bequeathed] magic powers at work.

… for getting registered for classes, and then paying for them.

… for Sprite, which is slowly taking away the nausea.

… for parking in the garage.

… for a husband who is not only capable of doing the dishes, his own laundry, making dinner, etc., but who does so of his own volition. Really. Every woman should be so lucky (if it’s her choice to be married, that is, and if she doesn’t want to be Susie Homemaker).

… for finding the exactly same Sterlite plastic bins at Target last night that I bought five or six years ago.

… for whoever thought of Freezer Paper stenciling. Genius!

… for slowly checking things off the “Things To Do Before School Starts” list.

… for sweet pictures like this one (thanks, Picnik, for making a bunch of premium features free!):

Alison and Grant

Really, I’m tempted to show you the original so you see what a great job I did. OK, well, you twisted my arm. 🙂 Oh, Mom took these pictures with our camera. I just did the editing. Still, a great job, don’t you think?


Also, I’m thankful that the headache has finally gone away, as have the hot flashes. I’m left with the nausea, which is not as bad as it was an hour ago. I’m no longer worried about the bus ride home.