Goes great with cheese

Allow me to whine for a moment, will you? Thanks. Feel free to go about your daily business if you’ve already heard too much whining today.

I feel quite blech. Yesterday I forgot to eat my lunch until after two, and when I did I couldn’t actually finish it (“it” being the Fage yogurt I’d brought, which was made with whole milk instead of 2%, and I found its taste to be… inedible). Combine the not eating with an overly warm bus ride home during which I read most of the way and you’ve got a recipe for nausea and a headache. At one point I think I was generating so much heat that I thought my clothes might spontaneously combust. When I got off the bus I unzipped my winter jacket and that helped, as did drinking some water, and the crackers I ate when I got home. popped a pizza in the oven, and after devouring two slices I was still starving. I made myself wait to eat any more so that my brain could catch up and process the fact that I had, in fact, eaten food. And in the end, I felt fine.

Today, the “hungry enough to induce a headache” feeling started around 11 am. It should be noted that I usually don’t eat lunch until 1-ish or later. I ate some snacks (Caramel Nut Clusters, which have a peanut base that is quite good for satiating hunger), but it did no good. Headache and nausea were coming on. I had planned on buying my lunch today (a first in many months, but due to mishap with our grocery delivery, a necessity), so I made my way out to get food. I didn’t dally because I really didn’t feel all that well and was sure that food would fix things.

Well, what do you know, food did not fix things. I am still nauseous, my headache is still here despite the Advil I took an hour ago, and now I’m starting to overheat.

I’ve gotta say, I prefer nausea on an empty stomach to nausea on a full stomach. The combination of it all is particularly unbearable for some reason, and I really want to put my head down on the desk and cry. Or throw up. Or both. Also, I’d like to rip off the sweater I’m wearing, but I don’t think my undershirt is work appropriate. Do you ever feel that way, that something you’re experiencing is not all that bad, but it’s just too much to take at the moment?

Could someone tell me why the exact same breakfast that I eat every morning sometimes lasts me past noon and sometimes gives up on me by 10?

And while I’m complaining, let me go on record and say that after Tuesday’s dentist appointment (two cavities filled), I was seriously lamenting being a redhead (because redheads and pain medications have a tumultuous relationship, in which the redhead is often disappointed). At this point I’d dye my hair any other color if I thought that would change it (but alas, I’d still be genetically a redhead).

For those of you not in the know, for many redheads, pain medications take longer to work (Tylenol + Codeine took almost an hour and a half to kick in when I had my wisdom teeth removed, and I felt some of the removal because the Novocaine hadn’t kicked in yet), work in strange ways – this week the entire right side of my mouth was very, very numb, and yet I could feel the dentist drilling in my tooth, and it was a very small cavity, and sometimes wear off faster (sorry, no anecdote for this).

I’m off to go find a 7-Up or Sprite or something. If you have any suggestions to help alleviate the nausea, headache, or hot flashes, I’d love to hear them. And, I promise to be much less whiny next time I post.